Rep. Tenney on Dems’ tax plan selling us out to the CCP


Biden is making the US subservient to the UN and the globalists. That was clear in his speech to the UN yesterday. He promised 100 million to help thugs in tyrannical governments to work on climate change. Obviously, the money won’t go to climate change.

He did not hold China accountable in his UN speech yesterday and, as Grant Stinchfield says, “that is pathetic.”

Rep. Tenney said he is “Beijing Biden” and is absolutely beholden to them. They unleashed COV and they are going to use Bagram and Afghanistan to grow in wealth and power.

The Hunter laptop exposed the corrupt but lucrative relationship between the Bidens and Chinese communists. It is only coming out now because the media and social media banned the information.

Psaki actually said China is only a competitor and the administration wants to work with them. They don’t want conflict with them.

Claudia Tenney explains the CCP wants world power and they want to crush us. Now, after all the successful work to restore jobs with America First policies, the Democrat tax plan will again send jobs to China. It will make the US uncompetitive with China and the EU.

Democrats know what they’re doing. This is all deliberate.



In a speech before the UN, Xi Jinping of China called for almost the exact same thing as Biden, only China is a benefactor and the US is a donor. President Xi Jinping proposed a Global Development Initiative in steering global development toward a new stage of balanced, coordinated, and inclusive growth in face of the severe shocks of COVID-19, the CCP propaganda outlet China Daily reported.

That’s what Biden called for as well.

What that will mean in reality is the US will give its wealth and resources to the third world for nothing in return. He, however, will build coal plants throughout the world for something in return — power.

Xi cares nothing about climate change but allegedly will start doing something about pollution in 2030 for completion by 2060.

Biden is doing everything China wants. He is selling out America to the CCP.

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Burning It All Down Better
Burning It All Down Better
2 years ago

They don’t call him Beijing Biden for nothing here in Traitor Joe’s CCP serf colony.
Are the locations for the Sino-American Friendship center drawn up yet in the autonomous zone?
CCP Joe was paying farmers to destroy crops, is that so his commie comrades can buy up the land for pennies on the dollar?
Gill Bates will sell them some as he is fellow traveler RAT as well.
All sides loathe quislings and for good reason, they can’t be trusted and are loyal to nothing.
Report to the SAFC for rickshaw cart duty? Oh hell the F’ no.

2 years ago

Round up the Democrats, try them for Treason, then hang them. That’s the solution. Their numerous acts of Treason are clear.