Democrat Regime To Destroy ‘Illegal’ Data If They Deem It Biased


The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, the civil rights division of the Department of Justice, the EEOC, and the FTC  will examine AI and other automated systems for bias and will label them “unlawful.” Then they’ll censor it.

These automated systems are often advertised as providing insights and breakthroughs, increasing efficiencies and cost-savings, and modernizing existing practices. Although many of these tools offer the promise of advancement, their use also has the potential to perpetuate unlawful bias, automate unlawful discrimination, and produce other harmful outcomes.

The regime includes data and datasets. The general and vague FTC statement above suggests it includes scientific data, even if factual.

Revolver News pointed to the type of data that might be unlawful.

Black people are only about  13% of the population, yet they commit about 65% of the gun crimes and nearly half of the homicides (gangs mostly). Therefore, Bidenistas would claim it results from white structural racism without considering other factors like schooling, parenting, and gang involvement. It removes individual responsibility from the equation.

The US progressive government wants to ban data that might hurt someone’s feelings. They are killing science. This should terrify you. Read more here at Revolver.


We think this is where it’s going because that is where Democrats are dragging the American people. The truth is now bias and unlawful.

Democrats in power are actively replacing the American bedrock principles of free speech and equality with censorship and equity – in plain sight. Progressive Democrats believe outcomes must guide every measurement of racism. All that matters are the disparate outcomes. If the outcomes are disparate, it’s structural racism. They ignore all other factors.

Critical Race Theory teaches all white people are racist. So, does that mean anything we produce is inherently racist? It would seem so.

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