Democrat Rep. Jackie Speier calls for canceling Trump rallies


Far-left Jackie Speier expressed her deep concerns for President Trump’s supporters and doesn’t want to see them put in harm’s way. She feels no such concern for Bernie Sanders’ or Joe Biden’s supporters, just Trump’s.

Speier also said she doesn’t “think the President is capable of telling us the truth about the Coronavirus and I regret saying that.” Sure, she regrets it, that must be the truth.

She so hopes his political campaign ends.

“The fact that he is not willing to cancel his various rallies suggests that he is willing to place even his most ardent supporters at risk,” Speier said.

“Because we’re supposed to stay six feet away from other persons in order to mitigate the exchange of those viruses.”

“I think that he is showing, unfortunately, why he is so ill-prepared to guide our country during this time of crisis.”

Her first two statements don’t support her third but logic and evidence aren’t a strong point for Democrats. It’s nice of her to care for Trump supporters over Bernie’s and Joe’s, but supporters can decide for themselves, thank you very much.


She feels that she, on the other hand, is very responsible since she canceled two speeches.

“I had two speeches yesterday that were canceled. So the responsible thing to do is cancel these events that have large numbers of people. I also think that California is a hot spot. We have about 25% of all of the cases in the country,” Speier added.

This is a lawmaker whose city allows people to poop in the streets and where crime rates are rapidly growing. It’s the place where addicts shoot up in broad daylight in front of children and where thieves can legally steal hundreds of dollars in goods from local stores (also in front of children), and then hawk the stolen items blocks away in the Mission District.

There is a cesspool of bacteria breeding in the streets of San Fran and she’d be better advised to clean up her own backyard.

It’s funny how she wants the President to cancel his rallies, but not Bernie’s or Joe’s. Of course, Biden only gets tens of people, but Bernie draws thousands of commies.




  1. She has a point. California is about to become the epicenter for the covid-19 virus mainly because its dirty, filthy, garbage strewn, feces smeared, polluted, and generally a very unhealthy place. Give the Commiecrats another 5 to 10 years and they will have turned Cali into another Venezuela.Not a good place for Trump rally.

    • Of COURSE the Corrupt Dems want POTUS Trump to cancel his rallies…..They SEE the crowds of his voter base, and they want to try to minimize them-knowing that Trump DOES rally his base with all of them, PLUS they All have families, friends, etc. Speier thinks Trump will allow her to “throw a wrench in HIS base/rally-when SHE IS RATHER OBVIOUS. Tell her to cancel ALL Dem Activity!!!

  2. Dr. Savage brought this up during last night’s show. He said why not cancel all rallies for both sides.
    I wish the Dr. wouldn’t let El Rushbo live in his head rent free.
    One is a fine details kind of guy and one is a big picture person.
    Both are essential to what is left of talk radio.
    When they hang up the microphones it will be a wasteland of derp state poseurs.
    No lefty show will make it because they are boring.

  3. Only way the left can win in ’20 is to convince POTUS to cancel all his rallies, pull his campaign ads, confine himself to Mir-a-lago, not tweet(or whatever), stop taking actions to continue MAGA, etc. In other words, just go away.
    Jackie, and the rest of the leftist idiots, are not gonna get their wishes granted. The majority of the folks see the current virus faux crisis for what it is, an attempt to stop the Trump Train dead in its tracks. Nothing else worked. This latest try will have the same results as all the others. Zip.
    When she gets behind cleaning up the mess in her own state, I might believe something she has to say. Probably not. Liars do what liars do, lie. All the time.

    • Great Post and Totally True…..Speier is just ‘trying to cancel out Trump’s popularity and hinder his rally……Nice try,……..tell HER TO CANCEL ALL DEM ACTIVITIES(they won’t)

  4. Typical racist, homophobic, islamophobic, lib donkey. Clean up your own disease ridden filthy streets. This is the city and people you represent and want the rest of the country to emulate … really? Lady shut up already as you to stupid to talk in public and are a disgrace to the human race.

  5. Jackie is yet another cali political hack. She cancels two speeches, because its the responsible thing to do with large groups of people. Like she could draw a large group, laughable.

  6. Governor of New York (Cuomo) uses National Guard troops in New Rochelle, N.Y. effectively declaring “Martial Law” in the city. No one leaves or comes in…..except for his beloved illegal aliens because New York is a “Sanctuary State”.

    • True Jen, as here In Ca. the CORRUPT DEMS hold we citizens HOSTAGE, as they have turned our once beautiful state into a Schiff-House. They care More about Illegal Aliens they see as votes for Dems, than they do American Citizens. Her area, “San FranFeces” & Garcetti’s “Lost Angeles”
      is a Cesspool for Disease, Crimes and THEY DON”T CARE. We who worked all our lives, paid our taxes, bought our homes, and as Seniors now, cannot just Pick Up and Move. But hopefully one day these Corrupt Democrat Criminal types(like Maxine Waters) who are bullies/hateful and violent, will see it happen to THEM one day-as ALL OF US ARE SUBJECT TO!

  7. Anyone who reads this and can’t see, based on the language used, that this is flat out propaganda, is not paying attention. Just how far will people on the right go to paint people on the left evil? By now (15 Sept), everyone knows that Trump knew that the virus was worse than the flu and 200,000 Americans are dead (meaning, you have listened to the tapes) , but ya’ll sure were convinced that it was a faux virus. This Rep went to save Americans in Africa and was left for dead on a tarmac as a result of being shot by crazed cultists. She’s trying to warn you here and you didn’t listen. You’re probably still not listening and still finding a way to paint the left evil and apologise for whatever Trump does.

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