Democrat Strategist Calls the Press the “Enemy of the People”


Democrat Pat Cadell says the press is the “enemy of the American people”. It took courage for him to say it because this is after an over-the-top reaction to Donald Trump calling out some in the media as the “enemy of the American people”. Donald Trump didn’t even call the media the “enemy of the people”, he called the “fake news” the “enemy of the people”, which of course is much of the media.

The worst part of it is the media seems unaware that they are putting out fake news day after day mixed in with the legitimate news.

They get hysterical over the slightest flaw or off-handed comment and then the American people are expected to take them seriously. They are the boy who cried wolf.

Pat Cadell, a longtime Clinton supporter and Democrat strategist, said:

“The fundamental danger is this: I talked about the defense of the First Amendment. When the press —the press’s job is to stand in the ramparts and protect the liberty and freedom of all of us from a government and from organized governmental power.

When they desert those ramparts and they go to serve — to decide that they will now become active participants — when they decide that their job is not simply both, to tell you who you may vote for, and who you may not, but, worse — and this is the danger of the last two weeks — what truth that you may know, as an American, and what truth you are not allowed to know?

They have, then, made themselves a fundamental threat to the democracy, and, in my opinion, made themselves the enemy of the American people. And it is a threat to the very future of this country if that — we allow this stuff to go on, and we’ve crossed a — we’ve crossed a whole new and frightening slide on the slippery slope this last two weeks. And it needs to be talked about.”

The Sentinel has posted articles proving the media has blatantly and continually picked sides and is willing to lie to make their side look good and the other side look evil or dysfunctional. There is ample evidence that much of the press and the media are an arm of the Democrat Party. They are the threat to the democracy.

President Trump said the fake news media is failing the American people and they are, for the reasons Pat Caddell outlined.

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Terry Schuck CPCU
Terry Schuck CPCU
6 years ago

REPUBLIC!! The United States of America is a federal republic. The USA is NOT a DEMOCRACY, yet.

Our Founders wanted nothing to do with a democratic form of government. The governance of the USA is totally unique. No other country is close even though there are Amendments and court decisions that have fundamentally changed how the United States of America is governed.