Democrat Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS) Escalates Corona Spread



Democrat Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS) Escalates Corona Spread

How ironic that Bill DeBlasio, New York City’s mayor, who designated his city a sanctuary city, and Governor Andrew Cuomo, who designated New York a sanctuary state, both in defiance of federal orders, have blamed the federal government for not supplying all of their hospital and other state needs.
These two, among other prominent Democrat mayors and governors who for many years virtue-signaled and put the rest of the country in jeopardy — claiming it is not the fed’s business what they do in their states — suddenly have relinquished city and state responsibility for the conditions in their jurisdictions. Virus protection is the federal government’s obligation, they bellow.

These same mayors and governors who proudly stood in the way of ICE, the federal government’s agency for protecting our borders and citizens from illegal immigrant criminality, were blithely willing to endanger the rest of the country by arrogating to themselves all power.  Suddenly, they take no personal blame for the lack of preparedness and supplies, or the absence of a game plan in their districts, where heretofore they claimed absolute power and independence.

Some questions: Why hadn’t they stockpiled masks, gowns, gloves, and ventilators? Some have held office for almost ten years. It seems they were not focused on nuts and bolts but exotic projects and trendy politics. Their city and state health departments have budgets of hundreds of millions of dollars. We now see they are all boast but no toast. Instead of serious governing, they have spent the last three years trying, through the courts, do defy President Trump. Who do they blame for what’s happening now in their city and state? Trump and the federal government.

When Trump outlawed the flights from China, DeBlasio immediately accused Trump of racism. His “enlightened” NYC policies have routinely been formulated to be the opposite of Trump. He brags about it, and New Yorkers have cheered him on by crowing about who we are. So, while Trump was closing us down with China and acknowledging that a virus was on its way, DeBlasio was making light of it.

He defiantly kept mass subway and bus travel open, declaring the City could handle this minor problem and was unwilling to close the public schools. Even after Pennsylvania and New Jersey had closed their schools, DeBlasio did not. It was New York’s governor who finally intervened and closed them down.

No doubt, it was DeBlasio’s unending war against Trump, Trump the “racist against the Chinese,” that blinded him and inwardly compelled him to be AWOL on Corona until a mere couple of weeks ago. And, the City suffered.

As is known, on Jan. 31 President Trump wisely outlawed flights from China coming into the United States. He did so because China was, and is, the source of the deadly virus. Always playing identity politics and swift to malign and do the opposite of what President Trump enunciates, Nancy Pelosi told people to come to San Francisco’s Chinatown.

There is nothing to worry about, she confidently said on a widely distributed video. She, like most Democrats, including Joe Biden, implied the president was guilty of anti-Chinese bias, racism. Similarly, the head of NYC’s Health Dept, Oxiris Babot, a well-known identity politics operative, contrasting NYC’s policy from that of Trump, told people to travel the subways, go to Chinatown, and mingle as New Yorkers do.

This harmful activity by DeBlasio and Babot is yet another consequence of Democrat Trump Derangement Syndrome.

Early on, many of the liberal mouthpieces invoked “science” to tell us that this was not a virus that passed easily between human to human. In one of their oft-used refrains, liberals accused Mr. Trump of denying “science” by shutting down flights from China and later Iran and Iraq.

Trump, they said, was motivated by prejudice, for science did not see the harm in air travel from other countries. But now that the virus has become devastatingly infectious, Democrats are accusing Trump of “being against science” for not shutting down the country even earlier, asking, ironically, why he didn’t shut it down at the very moment they were telling everybody not to worry and keep the country open and fluid.

Theirs is a science that is malleable according to how they want to politically exploit it. It is the science of expediency.

In fact, the Democrat governors of Nevada and Michigan initially outlawed, in great public fanfare, the use of chloroquine. Propelled by TDS, they did this as opposition to Trump’s suggestion that hydroxychloroquine could possibly offer great hope.

The press and many Democrats belittled and maligned as unscientific the president’s hope in the ameliorative affects of the drug, which has now shown bright successes. Many who would have benefited from chloroquine were denied their chance because of TDS.

In one of the most contemptuous interviews in American history, Nancy Pelosi, on Meet the Press, accused President Trump of accelerating the deaths of the American people by not restricting more severely early on.

She despicably said: “The president fiddles while people are dying.” But, it was she who was inviting Americans to visit Chinatown at the moment the president was already closing us off from China. The people in Chinatown, be it in San Francisco or Lower Manhattan, were the most likely carriers, traveling back and forth to see family in China. It is Pelosi who should assume guilt.

It was her policy of always being contrary to Trump that ended up infecting more people. Adam Schiff will open up an investigation of President Trump and his administration with the hope of damaging the president. Actually, it is Pelosi who should be investigated!

It was Schiff’s and Pelosi’s zeal last December to destroy Trump that previously distracted and bottle-up the administration throughout the first murmurs of the impending coronavirus arrival. They bottled up Congress as well. They forced everyone’s gaze elsewhere.

They are now doing the very same thing again; not only blaming the president for what they are guilty of, but, once again, distracting him and his administration from focusing on ending the coronavirus spread. It is a form of evil, of putting their power and politics above everything else, including above the American people.

But they did so and will do so again to the detriment of the American people due to their zombie-like intoxication with TDS. Some are even hoping for impeachment, ready to halt in mid-stream the gains being made by the president who is rescuing the American people.

But, TDS’s loyalty is not to the American people or the sick, but to its ambitious and mind-crazed plotters.

Throughout our country’s ordeal, death and pain, Hillary Clinton has steadily been a criticizer only, not a helper. She is demoralizing the country. Her goal is not to help, but bring down her nemesis, Mr. Trump, no matter the consequences to the country.

Like an ambulance chaser, she is exploiting America’s tragedy for her own personal gain and satisfaction. Her comments are a torrent of criticism of the president, portraying him as doing little. This, of course, is the lie of all lies. The fact is just the opposite. Clinton demands that the president “lead”. Well, that’s exactly what he is superbly doing.

The country has never seen a president so absolutely focused, bringing together in record time every facet of our private and public sectors, displaying a stupendous grasp of numbers, statistics and theories regarding every subject, a leader immediately able to answer just about every question posed by the press. His business experience and acumen have been crucial to the management he is minute-by-minute executing. He is at the top of his game and understands the interconnectedness of the entire retail and wholesale economic mosaic ….and we are the beneficiaries of it.

As the coronavirus escalated here in America and we began exceeding other countries, Hillary Clinton callously and sarcastically tweeted: “Trump did promise ‘America First’”. Who can fathom such a twisted psyche? Who can grasp such self pre-occupation and density to others? Evidently, for Clinton, there is only one worthwhile first: “Hillary First.” Pelosi and Clinton are obsessed with nothing else in life but their stardom and being the center of power…and revenge, the likes of which most of us have never seen. It is vile.

Instead of Mrs. Clinton throwing fuel to the fires, why doesn’t she, for the good of the country, just control herself? Why doesn’t she donate hundreds of millions of dollars from her vast Clinton Foundation, which is supposed to be a charitable foundation? After all, people donated to her we assume for precisely these purposes. Not a pledge, but an actual bank check of $200-300 million toward people now suffering in America, and for the procurement of masks, gowns, gloves, and ventilators, and for paying overtime to all our health care workers. That would be a way for her to “lead.”

Our country is under attack. Can anyone imagine FDR being attacked in the aftermath of Pearl Harbor by politicians accusing FDR of not leading, of politicians constantly demoralizing the country in her moment of peril, of politicians calling for investigations and impeachment of FDR while trying to lift us out of the ashes of Pearl?

Thank God there were no Hillary Clintons, Pelosi, Schiff, Chuck Schumer, Rob Reiner, Bill Kristol, or Cher during WW II. Tokyo Rose was enough.

There were people back in 1941 who thought FDR had allowed himself to be caught off guard, that there were ample signs FDR should have seen of an impending Japanese attack. But no decent politician tried to bring down the President for it. They let the President do his job.

Actually, there was a case in American history where the president and secretary of state were indeed aware of an unfolding tragedy and attack in front of their eyes and yet did nothing, purposely did nothing, and let Americans be murdered and tortured so as to save their own political skins. It was Benghazi! The president was Barack Obama, the secretary of state was Hillary Clinton, and the minority leader was Nancy Pelosi.


Rabbi Aryeh Spero is president of Caucus for America and the author of Push Back.

Caricature by DonkeyHotey, via Flickr // CC BY-SA 2.0

Reprint from American Thinker with permission of Rabbi Aryeh Spero

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