Leaked docs show China is hiding bad news on the virus in Beijing


Leaked documents show that Beijing City requires hospitals to set up funeral home offices on the premises, The Epoch Times reports. Guess the Chinese are lying after all.

It was arranged this month according to the leaked documents.

The timing leads some analysts to say it is related to the current outbreak of COV-19 in the heart of China.

Funeral homes and crematoriums are all communist party-run.

The internal notice instructs: “Funeral home offices should operate 365 days per year, 24 hours per day. It should move the body from the hospital to the funeral home as soon as possible.”

If the body needs to be preserved, it can’t be preserved longer than 24 hours, the order stated.

They want to help stop the contagion, but they also want to hide the real situation. They’re liars.

Famed blogger Jennifer Zeng has an interesting take:



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