Democrat very concerned about what he saw today


The media is silencing anyone who talks about potential voter fraud, even if there are legitimate concerns. The fact is poll watchers are not allowed to observe counting in many city facilities, or when they are allowed in, they are visually blocked and kept too far away to observe.

It is a matter of law. Poll watchers must be allowed in.

In the first clip below, Republicans are barred from observing the ballot counting. They got a court order to allow them to observe within 6 feet, and they were still barred. Democrats sued to keep them out, and the Pennsylvania State Supreme Court reversed the court order. Republicans are barred.

Why would anyone do that?

In the second video, the poll watcher, a registered Democrat in Pennsylvania, is very concerned about what he saw in the counting location.

Tucker had the poll watcher on this evening:

Another interesting clip:

Josh Hawley explained the problem to Tucker:

Project Veritas has another shocking video of voter fraud:

Reps Perry and Jordan slammed the state of the counting:

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