President Trump grew the party, transformed it for the better, & that won’t change


If nothing else, President Trump has expanded the Republican Party, something no one else in recent history has done. The only demographic that went down was white men. He was up with every other demographic.

He turned the party into a peace-seeking party that welcomes minorities and blue collar workers. Democrats are now the party of the corporations, the ultra-rich, and Wall Street. Wall Street poured all their money into the Democrat Party. Biden promised a return to globalism, which means open borders, caving to China, and a return to a gradual decline of the United States.

But, don’t worry, the doltish Joe Biden will cure COVID. If he’s elected, it will all but disappear within days.

The ‘OTHERS’ include Asians and Native-Americans. You need to know that.

Watch what this new Hispanic congresswoman has to say:

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3 years ago

Maybe Graham is hearing the complaints from so many about “quiet” Republicans. He’s decided to step up and even put his money where his mouth is.

3 years ago

Trump has most certainly brought out the soul of Republicans. This is ONE person who I really thought was honorable. I actually had a great deal of admiration for him. But I guess Some will sell their soul for a gig on CNN.

The entire damn political scene is Putrid to the Core and these damn Republicans are at the heart of it. Good ‘ol Lindsey Graham wins his seat and now not one peep out of him. I thought he was So On Fire after Kavanaugh and what Democrats had done. I’m at the point, ONE TERM for HOUSE AND SENATE, and after that, no Government connected position for 10 years.