Democrats Get Out the Vote Undemocratically


I mentioned yesterday that Vice President Kamala Harris will recruit teams of “voting rights groups,” including teenagers, to drum up votes for Biden. Let’s hope she’s as bad at this as she was as border czar.

Harris claims they’re supporting the Voting Rights Act of 1965, which hasn’t been necessary for decades.

Kamala Harris

Having seen these groups in person while assisting my local congressman in New York, I watched them go into nursing homes and have people with dementia register as Democrats, and later, they helped them with ballots. They go into halfway houses and sign up people who can not be found afterward when you check on the sketchy ballots.

One nursing home asked to see my brochure, and when she saw it was Republican, she wouldn’t let me in. This was right after a Democrat canvasser went up to the dementia ward.

They reach people who don’t even speak the language, and the information they give is in their language, whether it be Chinese, Arabic, Navajo, or Spanish. It doesn’t matter. They’re going after people who know nothing about the country’s values or any interest in voting. Are some here illegally?

This is what Democrats call democracy.

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