Democrats Had A Very Bad Week!


The Democrats had a very bad week! They just couldn’t catch a break.

It started on Monday with the Iowa Caucus debacle. As the precinct chairs tried to report their results to the Iowa Democrat Party, there was a technical glitch. A big one.

The Iowa Democrat Party depended on a Smartphone app to record the votes from caucus members. But the app experienced an epic fail attributed to a coding issue. That sent the precinct chairs to the telephones, creating a massive log jam. Not enough people were staffing the phones, even though they knew days before that there was a major problem with the app.

It wasn’t until 4 pm on Tuesday that the Iowa Democrat party issued partial results, with only 62% of the votes reported. Iowa Democrat Party Chairman Troy Price sheepishly addressed the caucus and reporters trying explain the situation. Even after the final results were reported mid-week, there were calls for a recount.

Some people even speculated that the results were somehow manipulated when it was learned who created the app – Former Hillary Clinton campaign staffers Gerard Niemira and Krista Davis are founders of the startup Shadow, which is attached to the progressive nonprofit Acronym, which was founded by former Obama campaign staffer Tara McGowan. And the Democrats claim that Republicans rig elections?!

Then on Tuesday night, President Trump gave an amazing State of the Union speech. He highlighted all the fantastic gains and improvements happening in America and spotlighted several incredible Americans in the gallery.

Trump recognized 8th-grader Iain Lampier, who was the top graduate of the Aerospace Career Education program, and his great-grandfather Charles McGee, a 100-year-old veteran who was a Tuskegee Airman. Democrats failed to join the Republicans in a standing ovation.

Trump recognized Jody Jones, whose brother was murdered in 2018 by an illegal immigrant who had been arrested multiple times for violent crimes and deported twice. After having been arrested for the sixth time, the illegal criminal alien was released from jail because of California’s sanctuary state policy only to go on a crime spree that resulted in the murder of Jones’ bother. Speaker Pelosi looked perturbed.

Trump also recognized the parents of Kayla Mueller. Kayla was captured, tortured, and murdered by terrorist al-Baghdadi, who was killed in October by Special Forces on Trump’s orders. Democrats sat on their hands.

President Trump also honored the sacrifices made by military families when he pointed out Amy Williams and her two children. Amy was shocked when she was reunited in the gallery with her husband, who has been deployed in the Middle East. Democrats yawned.

The most disgraceful moment of the evening was at the end when Speaker Pelosi tore up Trump’s State of the Union speech. She’s so old and feeble that she had to make little rips in the paper first so she had the strength to tear it up.

Wednesday saw the acquittal of President Trump on fake impeachment charges. Although Democrats knew it was a lost cause, they pushed for the Senate to do the job the House of Representatives didn’t bother to do. The partisan vote ended the “impeachment hoax.”

Following his acquittal, Trump’s approval rating, according to the Gallop poll, rose to a personal best of 49%. Could the week get any worse?

After attending the National Prayer Breakfast, President Trump took a victory lap on Thursday with his public “celebration.” On national TV, Trump acknowledged all the Republicans who assisted him in his acquittal and excoriated the Democrats who worked unsuccessfully to remove him from office. And he named names!

To round out the disastrous week, the January jobs report was released on Friday. It showed that more than 225,000 jobs were created. The unemployment rate is now 3.6%, a 50-year low. The Federal Reserve considers full employment at 5.0%-5.2%.

In addition to that great news, the Dow Jones closed the week at 29,100, an amazing 4,000 points above where it closed exactly one year ago at 25,100.

Democrats tried to recover from this very bad week with the Democrat Debate on Friday night in New Hampshire. The seven billionaire and millionaire Democrats tried to separate themselves from each other while trying to determine which one of them could beat Donald Trump in November.

One of their biggest problems is that the Democrat Party – progressive, socialist, and inclusive – could only muster one person of color on the debate stage. Biden even admitted that Democrats take the black community for granted! The night ended with petty bickering, finger pointing, and outright lying.

All in all, the Democrats had a very bad week. And next week doesn’t look much better.

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