Democrats Oppose the Border Bill – They Want to Make It Worse


According to The Hill, Conservatives aren’t the only ones who don’t want the Senate border bill that sanctifies illegal immigration with an arbitrary limit of 5,000 to 8,500 a day with some nebulous goal of zero.

Democrats are unhappy, too.

Democrat critics, most representing the Congressional Hispanic Caucus (CHC), the Progressive Caucus [Communist], or both, are infuriated. They say they have been cut out of the Senate negotiations. Their hackles have been raised because their priorities are not included.


That list includes protections for asylum-seekers and a pathway to citizenship for illegal aliens already in the country, particularly a group of young people known as Dreamers.

“The things in the bill that were negotiated are Trumpian kind of policies that have never worked to actually to address the issues that we have,” said hardcore leftist Rep. Pramila Jayapal (D-Wash.), head of the Congressional Progressive Caucus.

“So I’m disappointed, frankly, that the president, the White House, and some other Democrats are giving in to that kind of narrative because it undermines what we really do need to do that would fix the problem.”

The policy specifics are not the only source of contention. Liberals are also protesting the exclusion of Hispanic Caucus members at the negotiating table.


First, if Democrats get their pathway to citizenship for everyone here – some reports say there are as many as 50 million – most are on welfare so that they will be a drain, and the rest of us will have to support them. Also, only the communists will win presidential elections in the future because they will gladly redistribute the wealth.

That’s what all this illegal immigration is about. They opened the borders so we’ll make a deal, and they couldn’t care less who comes in – terrorists, criminals, impoverished dead weight. All the better because they will vote for Democrats. Open borders is a power grab.

The neo-Democrats are evil and communistic.

We don’t need a border bill. Just follow immigration law, you cretins.

What do you think? Have I gone too far?

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20 days ago

You haven’t gone too far, but the website has. I’m on an iPhone and cannot even read the name of this website because there is a tab blocking it. The tab is for those who want a language other than English

20 days ago

I agree with you M. Dowling

Canadian Friend
Canadian Friend
20 days ago
Reply to  Martha

M.Dowling you have not gone too far, it is Democrats who have gone too far.