Democrats Turn Down President Trump’s Amnesty Offer


The President’s press conference, originally scheduled for 3 pm, was postponed until 4 pm. He will offer the Democrats a deal with protections for DACA. That means DAPA will soon be added too.

The offer is expected to include Trump’s $5.7 billion demand for wall money in exchange for the BRIDGE Act — which would extend protections for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) — and also legislation to extend the legal status of Temporary Protected Status (TPS) holders, according to a source with direct knowledge.

Border agents say this DACA amnesty will cause more illegals to come pouring in. And it will fundamentally transform this nation.

The foreigners coming include many dependents, and that’s where our money is going.


Democrats want more, much more.

According to a Democrat official, House Democrats are planning to offer $1 billion in funding for border security measures in a bill to reopen the government next week – but none of that money will be eligible for use in the construction of a border wall.

Senator Dick Durbin said, “First, President Trump and Senate Majority Leader McConnell must open the government today.  Second, I cannot support the proposed offer as reported and do not believe it can pass the Senate.  Third, I am ready to sit down at any time after the government is opened and work to resolve all outstanding issues.”

A Democratic aide told Axios: “Dems were not consulted on this and have rejected similar overtures previously.”And a House Democratic aide said: “Similar inadequate offers from the Administration were already rejected by Democrats.”

  • “The BRIDGE Act does not fully protect Dreamers and is not a permanent solution.”
  • “This is not a compromise as it includes the same wasteful, ineffective $5.7 billion wall demand that shut down the government in the first place.”
  • “This cannot pass the House or Senate.”
  • “The President must agree to re-open the government and join Democrats to negotiate on border security measures that work and not an expensive and ineffective wall that the President promised Mexico would pay for.”

DACA and DAPA is Obama’s illegal amnesty, and it will fundamentally transform the United States. George Soros said it would. It might be too late to do anything about it.

And what are we doing about visa overstays???


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