Dems Are Conditioning Americans to Eliminate Free Speech


It’s no mystery that Democrats are trying to kill free speech from their control of social media, media, and various attempts to control newsrooms that don’t comply. It has just gotten worse. Far-left Senator Dick Durban, head of the Judiciary, has a new definition conditioning Americans going forward that he tweeted out: Free speech does not include spreading misinformation to downplay political violence.

Naturally, he’s not referring to Democrat violence.

You might as well end the First Amendment if they succeed. Democrats are redefining free speech in such a way as it eliminates it.

In other words, this senator, a lawyer, violating his oath of office and devoid of knowledge of the Constitution, is telling Americans free speech is the speech he agrees with.


Twitter added a note to give context to the statement if you are a Birdwatcher.

Readers added context they thought people might want to know:

There is no free speech exception covering “misinformation to downplay political violence.” If there were, for example, then Holocaust denialism could be prosecuted. (It is not.) The Supreme Court has said even false speech and advocacy of violence are generally protected.……


Glenn Greenwald discussed it on ‘Ingraham’ this week, addressing the Democrats’ end goal. Every dictator believes what Durban said, Greenwald noted.

“Democrats concluded since 2016 that the only way they can win elections is to control the flow of information over the Internet. They are redefining what free speech is; to mean information that is false as the government defines it can be constrained, and those who express it can be Punished,” Greenwald said.

Democrats see a much larger role for government in determining free speech.

A former FBI Assistant Director, Frank Figliuzzi, repeated the idea to condition Americans. He said, “It’s not free speech without responsibility. We are duped into thinking we have the right to say whatever you want even if people are getting killed. We have become numb to the violent radicals and duped into thinking that’s free speech.”

That is a shocking lie.

Greenwald says, “This is not an issue where people disagree with Democrats about free speech. They regard censorship as central. That means you could roundup” reporters who spread disinformation.

He added, “They are trying to condition Americans to believe there is a greater role for the State in deciding what is true or false.”

Laura Ingraham said they want to go global on the definition. France ordered Rumble to kick RT off their platform, and they refused. Instead, they pulled Rumble from the country and are looking into a legal challenge.

Greenwald noted that at the beginning of the Ukraine War, the EU made it illegal to view Russia State media. That should be an individual choice. This is a case of foreigners trying to tell Americans what they are allowed to hear and read.


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4 months ago

It’s attempt to control all speech is why the Democrat Party will lose on Tuesday and be crushed to a minor 3rd Party by 2024. Just as in the Carter Years, Traitor Joe poked the Silent Majority and they will come after Democrats! Unless the Republicans screw up, and don’t put the RINOs in their place, we will see at least 20 years of Republicans in the White House come 2024.

Whisperin Pints
Whisperin Pints
4 months ago

I’ve heard scuttlebutt of a second civil war since the 60s. IMO, the electorate of today is too complacent for a reprise. Talk is nothing more than talk.

Last edited 4 months ago by Whisperin Pints
Harrison Pendleton
Harrison Pendleton
4 months ago

The KKK-creed based Democrat Party can “condition” until the cows come home from pasture. Truth is that there are multitudes of Americans who can and will demand free speech as well as engage it.

4 months ago


Last edited 4 months ago by VenessaFord
Peter B. Prange
Peter B. Prange
4 months ago

Powerful editorial.