Student admits her lie got her teacher beheaded


Samuel Paty, beheaded teacher.

The 13-year-old did not even attend class on the day that Samuel Paty allegedly asked Muslim students to leave the room. He showed caricatures of the Prophet Mohammed from satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo as part of a lesson.

Identified as “Z”, the girl admitted to investigators that she was not in class on 6 October during the lesson on freedom of expression.

She had initially said that Paty had asked her and other Muslim students to leave the classroom before he showed the images. She claimed that she was suspended for two days because she accused him of Islamophobia.

Other students in the classroom testified that Paty had not asked anyone to leave, but instead had suggested that anyone who might be shocked should close their eyes.

According to Le Parisien newspaper, the student had been suspended for two days, the day before Paty showed the caricatures. Accused of “slanderous denunciation” of Paty, she confessed to investigators that she had lied, and had only heard about the caricatures from a friend.

The girl lied, impugning his character for three weeks after his death.


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