Dems Are Frustrated with a Slow-Acting President


Democrats are frustrated with the flat-footed White House dragging its feet on solving never-ending crises in the face of an unrelenting news cycle.

Don’t they realize he’s mentally unfit and causes almost every crisis with the policies of the new Dem Socialist Party?

They point to the recent baby formula shortage as the latest example of how President Biden has failed to get ahead of the story, allowing Republicans to set the narrative as yet another failure for the White House, The Hill reports.

But they also highlighted Biden’s lag on other issues at the top of voters’ minds: inflation and gas prices.

If he acts, he’ll make it worse. If you’re frustrated, hold your nose and vote for the Republican. Unless you want the Republic to collapse.

“It’s really simple: ‘Be the $#@ president!,” said one Democratic strategist frustrated by the administration.

“I realize it’s tough and you’re drinking out of a fire hose every single day, but there are things you can do to control the public perception and they haven’t done any of that.”


Democratic strategist Christy Setzer said the White House has shown some naivete in recent months in trying to control the message, according to The Hill.

“It may come down to not understanding what they’re up against — both the media environment and today’s GOP,” another Democratic strategist, Christy Setzer, said, according to The Hill. “Biden did speak out on guns, on baby formula, on inflation … but the traditional tactics aren’t breaking through, and it doesn’t seem as though they’re taking in that information, re-trenching, and trying new approaches when it’s falling flat.”

Naive? No, he has dementia. He’s also a non-stop liar – has been his whole life – at least since college.

They should be frustrated. All 81 million who allegedly voted for him should be frustrated.

The president has also been criticized for being slow off the mark on gas and food prices, as well as inflation in general, Daily Wire reports.

Be the president? If only it were that simple. I could tell my dog to be a chimp too. It’s the policies, stupid.

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