Dems are serious, they will close down Mt. Rushmore if Biden wins — it’s racist


They’re not kidding—if Biden is elected, your taxes are going up, and Mt Rushmore’s coming down. Read the NY Times article, “How Mount Rushmore Became Mount Rushmore” if you doubt me.  Democrats are no better than ISIS. They are ISIS. Remember how shocked you were when two thousand-year-old monuments were blown up by ISIS? How are we different?

Just as they supported Hitler in the early part of the last century, the NY Times supports anti-Americanism now.

The Times article expounds on how upset they are that there will be a fireworks display to commemorate Independence Day at the Mount Rushmore National Memorial. President Trump will visit.

The article demonizes Washington, Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt, and Lincoln whose faces appear on the mountain as racists. It also highlights opposition from some Native Americans at the time, sympathizing with them, forgetting they committed their own atrocities.

One paragraph from the article, “Native Americans have long criticized the sculpture, in part because it was built on what had been Indigenous land. And more recently, amid a nationwide movement against racism that has toppled statues commemorating Confederate generals and other historical figures, some activists have called for Mount Rushmore to close.”

They also say the sculptor formed bonds with leaders of the KKK.

Women are also angry allegedly since Susan B. Anthony isn’t on the mountain. There is a reason she isn’t on the mountain. When the suggestion was made, the funding was limited to the work already in progress.

The Times calls it a “grandiose piece of Americana.” When I visited, I was in awe, proud, and impressed since I had no idea how magnificent it is in person, but that’s me.

The newspaper also blames tourists to the monument for starting wildfires since President Trump will visit and boasted of “big fireworks.”

Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, and Roosevelt were chosen because they embodied “the founding, expansion, preservation, and unification of the United States.”

The Times then uses that fact as a springboard to demonize the presidents because two were slaveholders [when the world were slaveholders], Roosevelt wanted to Christianize Indians and made a nasty comment about them. As for Lincoln, his Emancipation Proclamation was “reluctant and late.”

Back in the sixties and seventies, when the same type of communist movement was taking place, the radicals said that they could use race to move their agenda forward in every area of society. That is what they are doing now while negating all the good we have done and would continue to do as a nation.

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3 years ago

Italians were mad because Chef Boiardi was left off; Irish, no Keegler Lepercaun, and so on down the grievance line!

3 years ago

Mt. Rushmore is a National monument on government land It would be within the law to send in the armed National Guard to protect it and the citizens who visit the monument. What is about to happen at Mt. Rushmore and already happened in many other states and cities are no longer peaceful protests. They have reduced themselves to loathsome rioters who have been infiltrated by by terrorists whose sole purpose is to destroy America. It is past time to declare war on the enemy, ANTIFA and all those that join with them. If they are ready to die for that cause, so be it. They are the ones who declared War on Americans both black and white.

Thomas Morgan
Thomas Morgan
3 years ago

Dems are mentally ill. They prove it daily