Former NY police commissioner describes his greatest fear — socialism


Former New York City police commissioner Bernie Kerik said he used to believe foreign terrorism was the greatest threat to the United States. He no longer believes that. [Be sure to watch the Tucker clip at the end]

“My biggest fear is this socialist, communist movement if you will, this surge of socialism that they’re trying to push in this country to diminish the Constitution, diminish people’s rights, to take over towns like what’s happened in Seattle,” the former police commissioner said.

Kerik criticized those calling for the defunding of police, pointing to cities with high murder rates, saying that minority communities would be the ones to suffer if such a proposal were to come to fruition.

“Things like this, it’s extremely frightening, because the people that lose, especially you know, they’re calling for the diminishment or the defunding of police, when you think of a town like Chicago or Baltimore, St. Louis where they’re having murder numbers at the rate of a war zone, do you really want to eliminate the police in those towns?” he said.

“Who suffers? The minority communities! And I think people have to stand up, change their political leadership if they have to, yell out, go public, do whatever you have to do, but that kind of stuff has got to stop,” Kerik added.

The fact is that by abolishing the police, there is nothing left to stand between us and Democratic anarchy/socialism.


Then watch this very short clip with Tucker and Mark Steyn:

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