Dems Call Trump a Bully, While Nuked Up, Homicidal Kim Gets a Pass



For years Democrats have been leading the charge against virtually every imaginable form of bullying. Be it physical, verbal, social, or cyber in nature they’ve called attention to the possible negative consequences resulting from such boorish, intimidating behavior.

Some could credibly argue these folks, by using the bully label to shut down a peaceful, free and open exchange of ideas, have gone too far. There’s been enforcement of “campus speech codes”, safe spaces, suffocating political correctness, and increasing internet censorship. More troubling is there have even been whispers of incarceration for those who might stray from, say, the current climate change mantra.

While “name calling”, “teasing”, “spreading rumors”, “mimicking unkindly”, “sending hurtful texts/emails”, “deliberately excluding others online”, “negative facial or physical gestures”, and “playing nasty jokes” are all cited as signs of bullying; none are likely to create the same awful short and long term impact as having a person unambiguously threatening to cause you great physical harm or death.

Given recent North Korean saber rattling, the latter mentioned form of physical intimidation, brings us face to face with what might be described as a rather absurd, even hypocritical political paradox. Because, while Democrats have constantly invoked the word “bully” to smear Donald J. Trump, they have basically passed on using that very fitting term to describe North Korean dictator, Kim Jong-un.

Here’s a very short list of influential Democrats who seem blissfully unaffected by their double standard.

There’s Senator Richard Blumenthal, DNC Chairman Tom Perez, Sen. Elizabeth Warren, Harry Reid, Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and of course Hillary Clinton.

All of them, joined by many in their party, have taken some kind of “great offense” to “The Donald’s” teasing, name calling, negative facial or physical gestures, mimicking unkindly, or “hurtful” tweeting.

Trump however, has not savagely murdered family members, jailed hundreds of thousands of political dissidents, or literally interrogated an American student (Otto Warmbier) to death. He hasn’t threatened “merciless” retaliation for any unfavorable portrayal of him in a movie or Central Park play; while calling it “an act of war”. (Kim, June 2014) Nor has President Trump spent the last several years promising a nuclear attack which could lead to the horrific flash slaughter of millions of innocent Americans living in districts that are, or have been represented by the sensitive Democrat souls mentioned above.

The North Korean dictator has done all of those appalling things, and as of this writing promises a continuation and even escalation of his menacing ways. So it would seem quite clear, Democrats are willing to boldly call out anyone they perceive a bully (even POTUS!);   unless he’s an anti-American, nuked up, homicidal fellow named Kim.

h/t Frank Rauch







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