Unbelievable! Look at the “Reformed Bigot” Behind the Removal of the Robert E. Lee Statue


Wes Bellamy is standing behind Governor McAuliffe in his MenaceII Supremacy shirt.

The Vice Mayor of Charlottesville is the man behind removing the statue of Robert E. Lee and changing the name of Lee park. He also illegally revoked the permit of the Unite the Right group to march in Charlottesville. A judge later reinstated their permit. The ACLU represented them.

Bellamy believes the statues of confederates are magnets for hate and symbols of white supremacy. Some in his city believe he is the reason the police let Antifa and Black Lives Matter run wild. He has been called an agitator. Others say he’s a black supremacist.

Meanwhile, the Democratic Mayor Michael Signer blames the White House for the violence yesterday.

Dr. Bellamy appears to have quite a history as a bigot

As the vice mayor and Albemarle public school teacher, Bellamy is one of the leaders in the fight against the Confederate memorials. But as of December 2016, he resigned from teaching and stepped down from his seat on the Virginia Board of Education because of the criticism he’s been facing for offensive tweets. Bellamy’s comments have ranged from writing, “I DON’T LIK WHIT PEOPLE,” to criticizing female teachers as “fkn a sure fire way to fk our lil boys up,” and he made vulgar gay slurs though now he’s a big LGBT supporter – allegedly.

He did issue a Facebook apology and claims to not be a bigot now. 

Here are a few of his tweets [warning very vulgar]:

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Tommie Sawyer
Tommie Sawyer
5 years ago

Virginia voters elected them. Now you people have to suffer under him. Go ahead, elect more of the persuasion as Bellamy and within one decade Charlottesville will become the Detroit of the South. Way to go, Virginia. Southern you’re not.

John Hartley
5 years ago

My response is not to be violent but they the LEFTISTS have effectively informed all of us they are savages just like the ISIS savages. They have and are removing our National History. There is effectively no room for conversation with these PIECES OF S..T! Morons

Lisa Jackson
5 years ago

Thank you Wes Bellamy for changing the City of Charlottesville (C’ville) a peaceful town that didn’t bother anyone or anything into a HORRID OF HELL! You caused this from a little girl writing a paper reference racist (which she had no idea about what racist is or was) to this huge outburst of Charlottesville, Virginia not only getting noticed, but bad publicity all around. So much for WAHOOH Country. That statue didn’t bother anyone or anybody and most of the residence of C’ville don’t even pay attention to that statue. Yes, its there, been there for years and never bothered a soul and if it did they never let it be know. We were fine until Wes Bellamy came along. If they C’ville Leaders decide to move it then lets get it going and move it if not then leave it and let the unwanted guess go back from where ever the hell they came from and C’ville can get back to being what it was before. A peaceful place where nobody bothered nobody.

5 years ago

The governor actually appears with this misfit? A small demonstration was turned into a national incident by the democrats. The leftists did not have a permit. The police were as usual pulled back.

Frank S.
Frank S.
5 years ago

This is very big news! Spread it far and wide.