Dems “Don’t Care…They’re Ideological Revolutionaries”- a “Reckoning” Is Coming


“They have a reckoning that terrifies them,” Victor Davis Hanson told Tucker Carlson last night. He was referring to the New Democrat Party. “These people don’t care [about the people]…they’re ideological revolutionaries…”

Victor Davis Hanson’s analysis of the current political situation was brilliant.

Mr. Carlson introduced the interview talking about how much the Democrat Party has changed and asked Hanson why.

Mr. Hanson thinks Democrats changed, not because of ideology, but because they became wealthy and the party of wealth. That’s a whole class of people not subject to any of the ramifications of these Utopian ideas, like climate change, defund the police. And it never comes back at them.

Democrats realized they didn’t have the people but they have substitutes – the corporate board rooms, media, education, so they didn’t need the people. Then, of course, they changed the demography. They invited the foreigners in and feel they will always be loyal to them.

That doesn’t appear to be enough, so Democrats have now moved on to indoctrinating young people. Democrats also want to “change the system” – pack the court, abandon the filibuster.

Democrats are now openly “the party of the elite” – the people who “hate the middle class” – and they “have an agenda that nobody wants.”

So, now they have to have crises to leverage their power, like the Ukraine war, J6. However, it’s not just political, and that’s what will destroy them in November.

It’s “existential. They can’t find food, they can’t fill up their car, they don’t feel safe when they go into a big city, they don’t feel their kids are being educated or they are being propagandized so it’s a 360 -24/7 phenomenon. It’s a totalitarian effort.” The people “don’t feel it’s sustainable…and these people [Democrats] don’t care.”

“They’re afraid they won’t survive if these people stay in power much longer. Joe Biden doesn’t care about the price of gas. Elizabeth Warren doesn’t care if people can’t afford plywood at the lumber store. They don’t care. They’re revolutionaries. They’re ideologues and they’d rather be wrong, and they’d rather lose and be right than be wrong and win. That’s how ideological they are.”

Mr. Hanson predicts that November will be a “disaster” for Democrats.


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The Prisoner
The Prisoner
1 year ago

I think the ideology has changed a lot over the years, only in more pronounced radicalism, for various reasons, and the power/wealth they have makes them much bolder. The system is rewarding them. While they advocate more radical policies constantly, as they push the envelope, there is an underlying wave of successful leftist movement. Republicans lag behind them but they help push the wave, while using the more radical proposals of the left to claim the GOP is saner. They seem to work hand in glove.

1 year ago

The Democrat Party has always been the Party of Elite “Slave Owners” who have been very good at lying and casting themselves as the party of the worker. Look at Unions; which the Democrats support. Unions were never to support the workers, they were there to control wages. Democrat have always been the Party of the Racist in America, you only have to look at their voting records. Politicians Lie, they have always been silver tongue devils, so you have to look at their actions and what they accomplish. Democrats accomplish nothing, they just redistribute wealth. Democrats don’t expand the Economy and create wealth. Democrats Expand Government! Today the Democrat Party has become a Cult. You can’t reason with Cults, so they must be destroyed.

We can’t elect any Uni-Party RINOs. We must elect only Conservative America First Candidates who will bring the Traitors of America to Justice. Democrats have already set America on a path to destruction and it’s too late to stop it. We will be in a Depression by 2024. It will be short only if Democrats are crushed, Big Government is stripped of Mandate Powers, and Big Business is taken off of Government funded Corporate Welfare. The Big Government Spending Programs of FDR extended the Depression to a Decade and only a World War brought that Depression to an end. The strength of America is in Small Business that actually builds things and expands the economy, not the Multi-National Globalist Corporations that manipulate money, economies, and government for profit at the expense of people who they just see as cannon fodder to be exploited.