Dems First Bill — HR-1 — Aims to Swing Elections Towards Democrats


Democrats are off to a non-promising start with their first bill, HR 1. The measure allows children to of 16 years to register to vote and it gives federal workers [union people, mostly Democrats] SIX DAYS of paid vacation to work the polls. But that’s not all.

Last, but not least, taxpayers will be required to finance campaigns. As Jim Jordan said, “Just what we need. Taxpayers paying to get politicians to the Swamp.”

In an op-ed at The Washington Post, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell called it the Democrat Politician Protection Act.

The hard-left loves the bill, called For the People Act. Twitter is trending tweets that are mostly pro-HR 1. Opposing opinions are hard to find.

As he wrote: They’re trying to clothe this power grab with cliches about “restoring democracy” and doing it “For the People,” but their proposal is simply a naked attempt to change the rules of American politics to benefit one party.

They want to get rid of the neutral FEC and replace it with partisan federal workers.

Pelosi and company are pitching new taxpayer subsidies, including a 600 percent government match for certain political donations and a new voucher program that would funnel even more public dollars to campaigns, he wrote.

The legislation dedicates hundreds of pages to federalizing the electoral process. It would make states mimic the practices that recently caused California to create 23,000 incorrect voter registrations. The measure would make it harder for states to fix inaccurate data in their voter rolls. It does nothing to address ballot harvesting, a very questionable practice, rife with potential fraud.

Democrats also want automatic voter registration, another voting method encouraging fraud.

The antics of Florida and California have only just begun. The 2020 election will be difficult for Republicans to win. Democrats aim to steal it.

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