Dems, Media spread the lie that Trump called Covid-19 a ‘hoax’


Joe Biden, Michael Bloomberg, the media, and others, are spreading a completely false story, claiming President Trump called the coronavirus, Covid-19, a Democratic hoax. He never said it. Trump called the Democrats comments on his handling of it the new hoax. The AP even called them out on this lie.

As President, he has tried to calm the hysterical rhetoric spread by the Democrat media and their favored politicians but does agree it’s serious. He has been on top of it from day one.

The usual suspects lied, Rep. Ted Lieu for one:

Biden has a long history of plagiarism and deceit.

Mike Bloomberg then picked up on it and continued the lie with a truncated clip.

Here it is, folks. With a pandemic at our doorstep and the country looking to its president for leadership, Trump decides to call the coronavirus… a “hoax.” This is what cowardice looks like, he tweeted.

And Bloomberg is what a lying politician looks like.

The media joined in, but listen to the full clip of what he actually said:


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