Dems might need Plan B to keep Bernie from winning the primary


After last night’s debate, Democrats might not be able to rely on Michael Bloomberg to take socialist [communist] Bernie out. Bloomberg can’t be counted out because of his enormous wealth, but his performance was found to be cringe-worthy by most Democrats.

A mostly unprepared Michael Bloomberg often shrugged his shoulders under withering attacks, especially by a hyper-aggressive and desperate Elizabeth Warren.

One of Warren’s best hits was this one about “fat broads and horse-faced lesbians”:

A couple of Bloomberg’s great lines helped ease the pain of watching him dissolve into the background throughout most of the debate.

He suggested Warren and Bernie were communists [aren’t they?]:

One comment to Bernie made Bernie’s eyes bulge:


Unless the polls continue to rise for Bloomberg or one of the other candidates takes a lead, Bernie could end up with an unstoppable lead.

That takes us to Super Tuesday as the place of last resort for Democrats to take down Bernie. The first vote is a straight-up-or-down vote, but if Bernie doesn’t have over 50%, and it goes to a second or third round, Bernie’s toast. The Super Delegates kick in after the first round. Each Super Delegate has a lot of votes, enough to swing it towards a different candidate.

Every candidate but Bernie wants to follow the process set up by Democrats:



  1. After watching that s show last night, the biggest winner was Trump. All you really need is for people to stay home. The choice for non-Trump fans will be do I vote for the guy that is a horrible person (but has the economy humming) or do I vote for screaming crazy grandpa from the north who is a nice guy but will bankrupt the country? If these people just stay home, it will be a Trump cakewalk.

  2. I beg to differ. Bernie Sanders is not a nice guy. No hard core communist is a nice guy. Especially one who pushes communism’s proven disasters on the United States. Bernie is a typical socialist/communist; I have my 3 mansions and fat bank account and to heck with you. Your job is to support me.

  3. Don’t count Bloomy out. Never met a Democrat that wasn’t for sale and usually cheap.Bernie can come to Milwaukee with the delegates sewed up and Bloomy will take it away from him. With Hillary on the ticket even the few who might not sell out will fear being Arkancided.

  4. If The Super Delegates kick Bernie to the curb there’s going to be a massive amount of snowflake Bernie voters not even voting, they saw what the DNC did to him in 2016, they won’t put up with it if their Santa Claus (Bernie) is cheated again !!!!!!!!

  5. Dem’$ “talk is cheap” – for Americans.
    Bloomers has already given illegal aliens another ‘free pass’ when he said that he’d charge “Americans” with “domestic terrorism” for “hate crimes”!
    Bernie’s not running for president, he’s tottering along to become a dictator.
    All the Dem candidates would fulfil their promises to the voting illegal aliens, so they could continue to get re-elected.
    LEGAL AMERICANS would be DOOMED, and that would include the Dems’ useful idiots.

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