Big News! President Signs Order to Let Water Flow to California Farmers


President Trump on Wednesday signed an order in California to reengineer the state’s water plans. It completes a campaign promise to allow water to flow to a needy agriculture industry and growing population further south.

The state had stopped the natural flow of water. They did it to save a tiny, useless fish that Obama-enviros had declared ‘endangered.’

It’s a case of need and practicality on one hand, and ideology on the other. Also, it’s no secret that leftists are not pro-farmer or rancher.

The ceremonial order comes after the Department of Interior late last year reversed its opinion on scientific findings that for a decade extended endangered species protections to a tiny fish. Trump spurred the review of what was Obama-staff findings.

Trump said the changes to the “outdated scientific research and biological opinions” would now help direct “as much water as possible, which will be a magnificent amount, a massive amount of water for the use of California farmers and ranchers.”

“It would be different if you had a drought,” Trump added of restrictions. “You don’t have a drought. You have tremendous amounts of water.”

“A major obstacle to providing water for the region’s farmers has now been totally eliminated by the federal government,” Trump said Wednesday in Bakersfield, Calif., flanked by House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) and Rep. Devin Nunes (R-Calif.), as well as Interior Secretary David Bernhardt, who helped shepherd the changes to the state’s water policy.

Trump’s order comes after California dealt with a years-long drought.


“California won’t allow the Trump Administration to destroy and deplete our natural resources,” California Attorney General Xavier Becerra said in a statement. “We’re prepared to challenge the Trump Administration’s harmful attack on our state’s critical ecosystems and environment.”

Critics fear the new plan. It will allow large quantities of water to flow from the San Francisco Bay Delta to the Central Valley in order to irrigate farmland. They say it will harm chinook salmon [questionable] and the delta smelt, a finger-sized fish that for three decades has stood in the way of the diversion.

Trump in October 2018 had ordered Interior to reconsider the scientific evidence that helped bar redistribution of the state’s water. In October of last year, the Department of the Interior released a new biological opinion limiting the longtime protections for the fish.

California will sue.


The leftists in California also plan to attack Interior Secretary David Bernhardt for ‘lobbying’ without filing paperwork. Reporting from The New York Times found that Bernhardt continued to work for Westlands as late as April 2017, the month he was nominated to his previous role as deputy secretary of the department. He filed paperwork to end his status as a federal lobbyist in November 2016.

Interior said Bernhardt had “engaged in various legal services” to support Westlands – but not lobbying.

Democratic lawmakers are investigating Bernhardt. There are seven complaints by leftists alleging conflicts of interest or potential ethics violations by Bernhardt.

Interior said its decision to change protections for the fish was not tied to Bernhardt’s past employer.

“There is absolutely no connection,” Paul Souza, a regional Fish, and Wildlife Service (FWS) official said when the decision was rolled out, adding that he and the others who worked on the issue were “career professionals.”

“We have led these efforts with our team over the past year and these are career professional documentation,” he added.


People might remember the case of the two-inch-long minnow, the Delta Smelt, that led Democrats to keep water from flowing to the farmers.

The waters were turned off to save the endangered minnow, a physically weak fish that can’t swim well. It has a lifespan of about a year and lives only in Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta. It’s not something you’d eat.

The enviro-wackos say they need the fish to exist to judge the health of the Delta, but there are other fish that can do that.




    • The endangered farmers goes way beyond that, there could be endangered people if our food supply is curtailed because if the Communist policy’s in California.

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