Emergency Federal judge’s meeting over Barr wasn’t much of an emergency


An “emergency meeting” called by a group of leftist federal judges over actions by President Trump and the Justice Department has reportedly been postponed with no future date set.

After initially rescheduling the meeting, the Federal Judges Association of 1100 members indefinitely postponed the conference call between 14 judges.

Megan Cruz, the executive director of the national group of more than 1,000 federal judges made the announcement, CNN reported.

The teleconference meeting was to address concerns — from the large volunteer organization representing federal judges — about Attorney General William Barr and the DOJ intervention in cases of Roger Stone and Michael Flynn.

The group’s president, U.S. District Judge Cynthia Rufe, had said they “could not wait” until their annual conference in the spring to discuss the controversy after an open letter from former Justice Department officials — leftists and never Trumpers — called for Barr to resign. The officials were prompted by a far-left group run and funded by Obama-Schiff staffers and other leftists. It includes never Trumpers as well.

“There are plenty of issues that we are concerned about,” Rufe, who was appointed by President George W. Bush, said. ‘We’ll talk all of this through.”

Apparently, it wasn’t that much of an emergency.

It was set for Tuesday, then moved to Wednesday, and now it’s postponed indefinitely.

Trump had targeted the group in a tweet on Tuesday, calling them to look into the FISA fraud in the “Mueller Investigation Scam” against him and his administration.

To comment further would be conjecture, but, we can say with certainty, there was no emergency and Barr did nothing wrong. There are slews of Attorneys General who have done the same thing Barr is doing when a case gets hot in the public’s eyes.

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