Dems show of force with 25,000 troops in DC for VIRTUAL Inauguration


The Defense Department authorized up to 25,000 service members to support the “federal law enforcement mission and security preparations” in the inauguration, as led by the Secret Service, according to an Army statement. This is for a VIRTUAL Inauguration.

Pelosi begged for more troops, and got them, more than in Iraq and Afghanistan combined. You will never see them on the border since Democrats banned protecting our borders.

There is a reason for this. It’s likely to portray Magas as dangerous insurrectionists and to show the military might they can and will use against 74 million Americans if they deem it necessary.

Democrats want to pretend 74 million Trump voters are dangerous, but it’s also a show of force. Democrats are in power and they will use the military to put down any rebellion. They have plans with HR1 and other bills to stay in power permanently.

The 25,000 troops would be more useful in Chicago.


“Our National Guard soldiers and airmen are set around the city to protect our nation’s Capital,” National Guard Bureau Chief Army Gen. Daniel Hokanson said in the statement.

Every state and territory, as well as D.C. itself, will have Guardsmen deployed to the Beltway to support the Wednesday event following last week’s deadly attack on the Capitol, which forced a joint session of Congress to temporarily delay certifying Biden’s Electoral College victory.

It’s overkill, but with a purpose, a message to dissenters, and it’s pablum for the haters who want to blame 74 million people for the rioters in the Capitol.

As we told you, these Democrats are now communists and they will put down anyone who disobeys.

You may not realize it yet, but the communist Dems plan to seize full control of the nation, and they will use martial law if necessary. Suddenly, they love the military and the police.

We have armored tanks, and walls and fences too!



  1. NEWS: Washington Looks Like It’s Preparing for War. The surge in Iraq by Bush had a similar force level and that was to stabilize an entire Country.

    It’s all fun and games for those inside

    We can now see those Urban training events in cities across the country were not for foreign benefit.

    • They don’t realize they must leave the capital in the future and won’t be surrounded with troops for protection,patriots will be waiting for them.

  2. Our external enemies will be making movies in their sphere of influence and the CPUSA won’t be doing anything about it with military forces or troops, you can count on that.
    We are in occupied enemy territory now so I hope the suburban Karens and Kevins are happy with the sterile risk free, safe space world provided by mommygov.
    Is there any progress on the immortality shot to go with the vaccine, we also need a peace and safety booster so that we can all have good feelz.
    The right to pursue happiness is now mandatory, comrades.
    Soon we will have to house the replacements or open up the back yard for another house.
    Elections have consequences, even fraudulent ones.
    Don’t be alarmed as Ozymandias awaits the CPUSA and those outside of America are enjoying the kabuki theater of the fallen Babylon.
    The daily foreign news aggregator read is belly laugh material and the wizards of smart have no clue as to the damage they have done to international prestige.
    They can enjoy threatening Americans for now.

  3. its utterly amazing that some of our citizens are this gullible and stupid . but what does the Left get when they beat us down ?

  4. A good way to get the “right” to turn against the military! There are some instances of police going after the “right-wing” protestors who are, in reality, peaceful, and treating them as if they were Antifa. Whereas Antifa are allowed to carry-on to the point of attacking police. The climate is slowly gravitating to a point where police are nothing but political enforcers. The military, it seems, may be following that same path. The question is quite significant, Why the need for a force greater than that for stabilizing an entire country, for the purpose of an inauguration that will be virtual. We are definitely heading into dangerous territory. When A country brings in a substantial military force it never turns out for the good. From this point on politicians will be able to easily translate any dissent as an attack on the country and it’s institutions.

  5. Gotta admire ’em. They get their message out, use force right off the bat, instantly crushing that old wishful standby that the military will stand with the ‘good’, patriot side. Conservatives must now adapt to being nothing more than perpetual ‘critics’ –perpetual bleaters.

  6. The US Attorney has put together a “Sedition Task Force”. Lest we forget, the FBI and Wray, has determined the greatest threat to the country is “white supremacists” which included the 9-11 hijackers. We will be under the control of the new “Reactionary Force”.

  7. Not that the constitution means anything nowadays but it states that ONLY the President and the governor of a state can call up the National Guard. D.C. does not have a governor so who do you think really called up the guard?

  8. When Trump sent troops to Portland to protect a federal courthouse from Antifia/Blm CNN/MSNBC and their panel of idiots called the troops TRUMPS STORM TROOPERS and JACKBOOTS, the hypocrisy never ends!!!! this is nothing but a stunt, if no troops were there, Joe and Kameltoe might get 12 honking car horns show up for their stolen election Inauguration !!!!!!

  9. And you actually thought your votes and voice mattered. It`s about time people have woken up to reality and the tyranny of the left.

  10. Are we truly to believe that after all we’ve seen and been through for our President that we are going to be left to the whims of these monsters? The Tribulations begin in earnest if this transpires.

    • Trump had to be the one to call in the troops, not the Dems. He is still President and most likely did not want the crazies whether it be left or right to be blamed on him and his followers for causing trouble. Only the President can call in the Guard when asked by the Mayor of D.C. Biden cannot do anything as Commander in Chief till the Inauguration. Everyone needs to calm down until we can regroup. They aren’t near as smart or as capable as the folks on hear are giving them credit.

  11. If you need 25,000.00 armed troops to protect your Inauguration from the people…………….then you probably weren’t elected by the people !!!!!!!!!!

  12. and yet the liberals complained when they brought in the national guard to stop the riots. hypocrites. assholes. scumbags.

  13. The Dems didn’t order anything. Only the President can command troops in DC. It’s not a State, there’s no Governor, and the mayor doesn’t have that authority.
    Step back and use that critical thinking they no longer teach in schools. Maybe there’s another reason all those troops have basically turned DC into one large Federal prison.

  14. So why would this President call up a fully armed military force, and what intelligence did they relay to him. Do we now believe Director Wray and anything that putz has to say. It is “one way” for the FBI to seemingly gain “credibility with” the public. It’s scare tactics much like the man with 500 rounds of ammunition, which is another story manipulated to host a narrative . In these days we cannot forget Waco and Ruby Ridge, both FBI operations. This could be what’s in store for the future, knowing how the Federal Government operates. It was deemed “Legal”. If they’ll do it then they will do even more now, especially since Congress “felt” threatened.

  15. I think there is some confusion here.

    Donald J. Trump is the POTUS until approximately noon on January 20, 2021. At the current time he is still the Commander in Chief, and he still has complete control of the military. joe biden cannot order the US military to do one single thing until after he is sworn in, therefore, any military presence in Washington, DC is there by order of President Trump.

    The idea that biden has amassed these troops in DC as a show of force is ludicrous.

    I suggest y’all learn something about the Constitution, and the transfer of power before going off the rails like this. js

      • Pelosi nor biden can order the military to do anything. Only the Commander in Chief can do that. There is a thing called chain of command, and Donald J. Trump sits at the top of it. That’s the way it works unless there has been a complete coup already, and that does not appear to be the case any way you look at it.

        This kind of nonsense does nothing except stoke more anger amongst the people who never learned about the Constitution for whatever reason.

        Pelosi’s hands are in a lot of corrupt things, but the military presence in DC is neither corrupt nor in her hands.

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