Dems Unmasked…A Frightening Picture


Newsmax exposed the socialist/communist goals of Democrats. It’s quite a courageous clip.  It’s hard to understand why everyone can’t see it.

Democrats are unmasked. They are doing everything that authoritarians have done in history.

Socialists and Communists must control healthcare, as Ronald Reagan warned. To take over a country, they must control education (CRT and 1619?). Lastly, they must control energy.

Too many people think the government is the solution. A large government is dangerous. People need to govern not some distant authoritarian entity in the swamp.

They are unmasked. Watch what they are doing, not what they say.

Watch the entire show here.


American communism:

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1 year ago
Since Chuck U. Schumer called out Justice Kavanaugh by 
name and said, "I want to tell you, Kavanaugh, you have 
released the whirlwind and you will pay the price, you 
won't know what hit you" Maybe he should be i
nvestigated to see if he has any ties to the left-wing 
nut case that went to Kavanaugh's home to murder him.
The loss of Justice Kavanaugh from the Court would 
be a gain for slimy democRATs and Chuck U. Schumer.