Speaker Pelosi’s Husband Paul Faces Possible DUI Charges – Aug 3


We will not see Speaker Pelosi’s husband Paul’s mugshot anywhere anytime soon but he still might be charged with drunk driving. The case was reportedly dropped but SFGate said the charges are pending. The Napa County District Attorney’s Office said Thursday that DUI charges against Paul Pelosi — the husband of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi — are still pending.

However, there is no evidence, no mugshots, nothing, just the original arrest report after Paul Pelosi crashed into another vehicle while intoxicated.

In a statement that was posted to Facebook, District Attorney Allison Haley said Pelosi agreed to appear in Napa County Superior Court on Aug. 3. She said, however, that no decision has been made about whether he will be charged.

“The case is currently under review to decide what, if any, charges will be filed against Mr. Pelosi,” she said. “This is standard protocol for any DUI case that is referred by a law enforcement agency in Napa County.”

That statement was released after 1,500 people called Haley’s office iunder a day to complain. An article by the San Francisco Chronicle indicated a rumor started online that the charges were dropped and conservatives were displeased.

Pelosi was arrested on May 28 after he blew a stop sign while driving his Porsche. He crashed into a Jeep in Napa County. He was arrested under suspicion of driving under the influence with a blood alcohol level higher than .08 percent and was booked into the Napa County Detention Center, where he was cited and later released on $5,000 bail.

Police have not specified Pelosi’s blood alcohol level at the time of arrest.

Stay tuned.

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