Dems Want Service Member Gun Confiscations over Accusations


A report out of notes that House Democrats are aiming to pass legislation that would allow police to confiscate firearms from active duty troops

The legislation would permit civilian police to take the action against any military service members if they are accused of ‘domestic violence.’

Just an ACCUSATION will be enough. What Democrats are doing is abolishing due process wherever they can. They take it away from Justice Kavanaugh, Kyle Rittenhouse, Donald Trump, everyone they disagree with.

California Democratic Rep. Jackie Speier, who chairs the House Armed Services Committee’s subcommittee dedicated to personnel said, “Domestic violence is a forgotten crisis in the military, and that’s why I offered an NDAA [National Defense Authorization Act] amendment to ensure that service members have access to military court protective orders that are as strong and enforceable as protective orders issued by civilian courts.”

She is saying commanders can’t seize guns from troops while off base.

The Democrat legislation would “create a system for military courts to issue protective orders,” the report notes, adding that “Military court protective orders would be fully recognized by state and local law enforcement under the proposed law.”


It’s a type of ‘red flag’ law. It’s not about filling a loophole, it’s about letting any police officer or family member or others take a military member’s rights away WITHOUT DUE PROCESS if someone claims they are abusive.

It could ruin them beyond taking their guns.

The fact is if someone, anyone is abusive to another, they already can be arrested and charged. And people can still get protective orders.

This was in the NDAA and removed. We reported it at the time. Speier is trying to resuscitate it.

It’s more of the Democrat incremental gutting of the Second Amendment.

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