43% of Central Americans Want to Come Illegally & It’s Not Over Persecution


Migrants from Central America are rushing to the U.S. illegally for money, but not because they are persecuted as Democrats would have us believe. That is the news from a 5,000 in-person survey in the spring and a 6,000 person online survey by the Migration Policy Institute, MIT and World Food Programme, The Washington Times reported.

Most people leaving are coming illegally to the US for financial opportunities, our jobs and our generous benefits.

The study concluded that migrants from the emigration hubs of El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala pay smugglers $1.7 billion a year to be shepherded into the U.S. illegally. Biden supports the cartels.

43% Potential New Illegal Aliens

A staggering 43% of Central Americans have a desire to leave their home countries, up from just 8% a couple of years ago.

Thirty percent of households reported money coming in from people working in other countries.

“Low wages, unemployment and insufficient income to cover basic necessities directly affected people’s livelihoods and contributed significantly to the desire to emigrate,” the analysts said.

In other words, the Biden-Harris administration is making us the welfare donors to the world.

The Biden administration keeps lying, claiming it’s violence and insecurity that has them leaving. They call all illegal aliens ‘asylum seekers.’

The US Democrats are inviting them in with promises of jobs, security, and freebies.

Research by other experts found Central Americans raise their incomes about 10-fold by coming to the U.S., versus doubling incomes if they move to Mexico.

The new report found about 90% of recent migrants from the Northern Triangle countries headed to the U.S. Spain ranked as the second top destination, at 4%, and Mexico was third at 2%.

Those making the trip often report going deeply into debt, either to family members or smuggling organizations, to finance their journey, then spend their first months or years in the U.S. trying to work it off.

When asked the motivations for leaving, economics dominated, with 75% of Salvadorans, 89% of Hondurans and 91% of Guatemalans citing that as a factor.

Climate and the environment — a major explanation Ms. Harris has cited — was a reason for 3% of migrants.

Hey, Kamala, as czarina you have been searching for answers as to why the people are coming illegally. This left-wing group has your answer so stop lying.

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