Dems want to defund the police so black people will be safer


As riots destroy property and get people killed in our blue cities, NY Democrat State Senator Julia Salazar, a very far-left woman, argues that police reforms haven’t worked, based on the four officers in the Floyd case. She is stereotyping all police officers. [Criminals now make up part of the Democrat voter base]

“These changes won’t be made unless we demand them loudly and relentlessly,” Salazar said. That is her excuse for wanting them defunded.

Julia Salazar, a Democrat who represents parts of Brooklyn in New York’s Senate, amplified those demands on Friday. “We should call to defund the NYPD,” she wrote in a tweet. This is as Brooklyn is the hardest hit by violence.

During an interview for The Appeal, she said:

“I think that attempts to reform the NYPD have failed,” she said, stressing that the solution is not taking “resources in one area or program and transferring them elsewhere in the police department.” She noted, for instance, that asking police officers to stand in as service providers, such as being mental health first responders, has ended up putting people in danger.

Instead, she made the case for “cutting the NYPD’s budget.” She called this “a divest/invest model,” in which resources that the NYPD is “deploying … violently and recklessly” are transferred to public agencies and nonprofit groups to provide social services such as housing programs and mental health care services. Salazar stressed that, with the economic crisis brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, the city is right now eyeing the reverse—big cuts from which the NYPD is shielded.

She also wants to repeal Section 50-a, a statute that shields the records of police officers from having their records made public. The fact is that in New York, any criminal or nutjob can report an officer, make a false claim, and have it remain on the officer’s record. That is often the case.


NY1 says defunding the police, and specifically defunding the NYPD, will reduce violence against black people. The money will be used for housing projects and job creation, even though government can’t create real jobs.

At Virginia Tech, Professor Wornie Reed, a ‘race’ expert, wants to take away their alleged ‘license to kill.’ He doesn’t want them to use force. He says the police officer’s life isn’t more valuable.

It’s not that the officer’s life per se is more valuable, it’s that it is while they are putting theirs on the line to save and protect us. Wornie is twisting reality.

The latest is the media is livid that the President walked to the burned-out St. John’s Church and held up a Bible. They complained that he used tear gas on “peaceful protesters.” The peaceful protesters were throwing things at officers and spitting on them, while screaming an cursing. The left is also now claiming he violated international law by using tear gas. That’s the same nonsense they used to say he couldn’t fight the thousands of people pouring across our borders each day.[By the way, they still are streaming across since we can’t use force].


Unfortunately, the perverse revolution has infested government agencies. Police can’t stop these lawbreakers so they watch and enjoy the show.

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