Dems Want to Find Mass Shooters on Social Media Before They Shoot


House Democrats want the federal government to analyze content created by mass shooters on websites and social media platforms to understand how they communicate. They then take that analysis to find mass shooters before they shoot.

This is dangerously close to taking action against ‘thought crimes.’ They make note of mass SHOOTERS, but mass killers also use knives, cars, hammers, and so on.

This comes after revelations that Democrats regularly collude with Big Tech to censor Republicans.
Instead of “shooters,” the word “murderers” is a better substitute for accuracy.

The “Identifying Mass Shooters Act” was introduced by Rep. Kweisi Mfume, D-Md., and a handful of other Democrats. A bill summary says officials should “collect, study, and analyze online content created by mass shooters to identify potential mass shooters early.”

Mass SHOOTERS? Not killers who use other weapons?

The legislation does not establish a new federal program with officials scanning social media posts for certain words or content and investigating the people behind those posts.

But it is the first step in that direction. It has good intentions on the surface but would inevitably lead to dark places, such as stepping on civil rights. The millions of posts would be extremely hard to go through and analyze. It brings us back to “what is hate speech, violence, or extremism.” Everyone has a different idea based on political views. For example, Merrick Garland thinks words he disagrees with are hate and violence, and extremism.

We need Big Government to Spy on Americans on Social Media like we need another Trojan Horse.

“Perpetrators of mass shootings have utilized various online channels to declare their intent to commit violence through manifestos, blog posts, social media posts, and direct messages before committing acts of terror,” the bill says. “Inadequate oversight and accountability mechanisms on online platforms create an environment that enables hate speech, extremism, radicalization, and violence,” the bill states.

How would they define hate speech, extremism, radicalization, and violence?

The Parkland murderer was used as an example. The killer wrote he wanted to be a”professional school shooter.” A Santa Fe High School shooter posted a picture of a “Born to Kill” shirt and showed images of Nazi and satanic symbols.

All these people showed far more glaring signs to people they dealt with regularly. These were people closer to them and did nothing about it. This is not a job for a big central government but for people who know these murderers.

For example, in the Parkland case, educators, police, the FBI, and CPS ignored the situation’s seriousness.

Under the bill, the Justice Department’s National Institute of Justice (NIJ) would study “content patterns used by mass shooters through online platforms and social media channels.” NIJ would have two years to report its findings to Congress, and that report would include a review of the “linguistic patterns used by previous mass shooters collected by law enforcement officials.”

This is a direct attack on free speech. Mfume would give the task directly to the provably corrupt Department of Justice.

Mfume wouldn’t say if the analysis would take it to the next steps, i.e., recommend a formal program and then use it to take action. That’s when it becomes the thought police.

It’s hard to see any situation where they can get ten votes in the House to pass this thing.

Sen. John Cornyn, R-Texas, said this week of a Democrat bill on gun control, “I don’t think that’s on the table.”

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