Denmark’s Ex-Immigration Minister Imprisoned for Separating Child Brides from Their ‘Husbands”


“The verdict cannot be appealed and the jail sentence is unconditional, meaning that it must be served.”

Inger Stoejberg, Denmark’s former immigration minister from 2015 to 2019, was convicted on Monday. Her crime was to order the separation of refugee couples if the woman was under 18.

Her 2016 order was aimed at ending the practice of child brides imported into the country by migrants.

“A total of 23 couples were separated, with the wives ranging in age from 15 to 17 years,” Germany’s DW News reported.

The Impeachment Court, specially set up for Stoejberg’s trial like a Star Chamber, “agreed that the order had violated Danish law and the European Convention on Human Rights,” the TV network Euronews reported.

She will serve a 60-day sentence to humiliate her and send a clear message that migrant pedophilia is fine.

“The verdict cannot be appealed and the jail sentence is unconditional, meaning that it must be served,” the BBC reported.

Stoejberg, who belongs to the center-right Venstre Party, appeared defiant in face of the harsh judgment. “It’s not just me who has lost but Danish values have lost too,” she told journalists outside the courthouse.

Reuters news agency claimed her stance was “hardlined.”

“I’m very, very surprised. I think it is the Danish values ​​that have lost,” Stojberg told reporters. “I wished and still wish to protect these girls.”

The opponents of Stoejberg’s immigration policy, which Reuters called “tough,”  celebrated her sentencing on Twitter and other social media platforms. The Danish open borders leftists don’t like her.

In a 2018 article, Germany’s state-funded DW News published a litany of charges against the then-Danish minister. They criminalized her efforts to bring sanity and morality to Denmark.

Since the migrant wave of 2015, Europe has seen a spike in child marriages. While there are no reliable statistics, European NGOs estimate that there are thousands of child brides living in forced marriages across the continent, Reuters reports.

We are allowing it here in the States. We turn the blind eye under Democrats.

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