Denver Mayor Cuts Everything to Give Illegals $90M in Dignity


Denver wants to spend $89.9 million to take care of illegal aliens. They want to make sure they are treated with dignity. Mayor Johnston, a wokester, has already cut city workers.

The Denver Police Department is cutting nearly $8.5 million, Denver Fire is losing nearly $2.5 million, and the Sheriff’s Office is taking nearly $4 million in cuts. They will cut infrastructure. The clerk and reporter and the District Attorney’s office will not make cuts, 9 News reports.

“I do think it would be inaccurate to say it’s not impacting anything,” Stephanie Adams with the Denver Department of Finance said at a meeting to discuss the cuts. We really try to mitigate the direct impact on services.”

The Department of Transportation and Infrastructure is losing more than $5 million. That’s separate from the nearly $6 million the city is cutting from capital improvement projects. Things like redoing an aging underpass on Alameda and some traffic signal maintenance around the city will be canceled.

As Denver cuts money, some council members want to see Denver try to make more money. They are considering traffic tickets, upping registration fees, and other measures tp provide dignity for people who don’t belong here, and will vote for Democrats.

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