Hate at Columbia University


Katie Couric was on Bill Maher’s podcast this week, condemning people on the right and stereotyping them as anti-intellectual as she looked down her nose. So, we want you to see our Manhattan intellectuals in action.

Yesterday, Rep. Elise Stefanik, a Harvard graduate, called the Columbia University President on the carpet for not taking the chairmanship away from a radical professor. She also mentioned other radical professors who have no business teaching at Columbia. This insanity has gone on since the 1960s, with people like Bill Ayers and Angela Davis teaching revolutionary communism to students for decades, and now people are surprised we have lunatics marching in the streets in support of Middle Eastern terrorist groups.


We wouldn’t want to be considered anti-intellectual Walmart shoppers, as people like Katie Couric may see us. We want you to see what is happening in the bastion of intellectualism, Columbia University.

Here, they all are – communists and fascists honoring the martyrs of Hamas, a terrorist organization. If Columbia wanted to do the right thing, they’d round up this gang and kick them out of school.

This is what these intellectual professors are teaching these young people at Columbia. This is the intellectualism of Columbia.
Radical leftists don’t like the police.

This young Iranian Jewish woman’s parents came here for freedom, and her daughter went to Columbia for intellectualism and found moronic leftists instead.

Ilhan Omar’s terrorist-loving daughter Isra Hirsi is a student at intellectual Barnard, always known for radicalized women. She got herself arrested. That’s more of the intellectualism Katie Couric told us about. Communism and fascism are now intellectualists in Manhattan.

This is very sad. Communists and fascists outnumber them.

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