Deported 4 Times, DUI Illegal Alien Kills a Mom & Her Teen Son


Police say Jose Guadalupe Menijivar-Alas, 37, was driving drunk when he killed a Colorado mother of three and her 16-year-old son. He had been deported four times, in 2009, 2010, 2012, and 2015, before sneaking into the US through our southern border again last year.

He was driving more than 100 miles per hour and had only minor injuries.

El Salvadoran Menijivar-Alas drove his Toyota Tundra into a Mazda CX-5 driven by Melissa Powell, 47. Her teen son Riordan was also in the car. Both were killed instantly upon impact.

Menijivar-Alas, a habitual offender, was charged with vehicular homicide from reckless driving caused by DUI.

He has four past convictions between 2007 and 2019. He was released on probation a week before the homicidal accident.

If he had been imprisoned for breaking into our country or for his prior offenses, it’s likely those two innocent people would be alive, and their family and friends wouldn’t be suffering.

“ICE records show that the subject has been previously removed and has no regard for immigration law,” ICE said in a statement to FOX31. “As part of its routine operations, ICE targets and arrests noncitizens who commit crimes and other individuals who have violated our nation’s immigration laws. All noncitizens in violation of U.S. immigration law may be subject to arrest, detention and, if found removable by final order, removed from the United States, regardless of nationality.”

When someone comes illegally, the punishments should quickly escalate. Why was he given probation a week before instead of being deported? Why are we keeping dangerous substance abusers? It makes no sense.

Punish the Politicians

This is Democrats’ fault, including Biden and his Obama and Soros advisors.

Sanctuary locales like Denver are a failure. They’re havens for criminals from foreign lands as if we don’t have enough of our own.

This happened right before Christmas on December 12. Menijivar-Alas is a double murderer and should be sentenced as such. More than that, the politicians who recklessly allow open borders and havens for criminals they call sanctuary cities should be charged.

Unfortunately, the Left Always Ends Up Blaming the Wrong People
Fox 31:

Kim Powell, the sister-in-law and aunt of the crash victims, spoke with FOX31’s Gabby Easterwood about the crash and Menjivar’s past.

“The loss of Melissa (Missy) and Riordan continues to be immeasurably devastating for our family, friends, and communities,” Kim said. “While not ready to share stories of their goodness, I must speak out against using this story as an inflection point about immigration and documentation status.

“My family was killed by a dangerous man who set the precedent he would continue to drive under the influence after 6+ convictions. The focus needs to sharply remain on the person who committed this crime and the system that allowed this to happen,” she continued. “Using this tragedy to displace the blame onto those of us who are immigrants (and do not have lineage to the 48+ tribes originally inhabiting this land) dangerously obfuscates the real injustices that caused two empty chairs at the holiday table and a lifetime of heartbreak for our family, friends, and communities.”

Giving up borders, citizenship, and sovereignty for her perceptions of settlers lacks all common sense.


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1 month ago

And today the Gop is having a impeachment hearing to remove MayDORKa$$ and the dems are sh*ting their pants over it, this illegal that killed the mother and son is not a once in a while death by illegals,

1 month ago

Just as easily been one of us. Even if Trump gets in again, how do we get rid of these F’n people?