Deputy sheriff enters IRS office to ask a question & guard pulls gun on him


Things that can get you killed these days!

Lucas County Sheriff’s deputy Alan Gaston entered a local IRS office in full uniform with his badge and firearm visible. He only wanted to ask a question. A deputy came over to him and told him to disarm since it was a gun-free zone. Deputy Gaston explained he can’t disarm while on duty.

The conversation ends abruptly as the guard points a gun at the deputy’s back. Gaston vividly remembers “that” moment.

“Basically preparing myself to be shot at that moment. Bracing for a shot in my back,” said Gaston.

He only wanted to ask a question.

That’s when he decided to leave to de-escalate the situation. He also wanted to get away from the other people so they wouldn’t also be shot. The deputy followed him to the elevator with gun drawn. As the deputy got into the elevator, the security guard tried to grab him to arrest him but Gaston is a defense trainer so that didn’t work for the enthusiastic security guard.

The guard went from 0 to 100 in a second, Gaston said.

Employees called police but didn’t bother to tell them the person who came in armed was obviously law enforcement.

As it happens, the guard, the radically eager Seth Eklund, is facing a charge of aggravated menacing and the deputy is on medical leave for stress after thinking Eklund was going to kill him.

Gaston is suing the IRS.



  1. Sue the holy living daylights out of this complete idiot and the company he works for. Give consideration to doing the same to the fools in that IRS office as well. “he’s got a gun and he won’t leave”?

  2. The news broadcast said the chicken sh it guard and the security company are the ones being sued. But the the IRS employees who, I’m betting knowingly, gave incomplete information during the 911 call should be fired. There was no excuse for this to have happened. Gaston could have lost his life over this and I’m betting the IRS employee summoned the security guard in the first place because they felt uncomfortable and “scared” that an armed police officer was in the office.

    • The Security Guard should be fired, lose his license, and the Security Company should certainly be put on probation.
      The Security Guard should also be charged with assault against a police officer, since apparently he tried to arrest the police officer through physical restraint, but drawing his weapon and pointing it at the police officer is a much more serious thing, and at the least would be brandishing a firearm.
      There likely would be at least a trial, possibly conviction with probation or even a jail sentence.

    • Why are you saying “I’m betting the IRS employee summoned the security guard in the first place “??? The cop comes in and is told he can’t go into the office. The cop leaves and the guard pulls his weapon and follows the cop. There were NO employees except the guard involved!!! The deputy never goes in to interact with any employees. The cop leaving IS de-escalation but the guard pulling his weapon and following the deputy escalates the situation. The guard doesn’t have any sense, much less common sense.

  3. Sounds like one guard needs to be looking for a new job outside anything requiring being armed and that the remainder if IRS security staff receive *renewed*(?) training on proper procedures regarding armed LEOs. This sounds like something that could have been done under the Obama administration, not Trump’s!

  4. The 2A literally bars and restricts the governmnet from interfering in the RIGHT to own and carry arms…Even in a government building…

  5. The 2A literally bars and restricts the government from interfering in the right of all citizens from owning and CARRYING arms. That includes government buildings…

  6. Ah, a supposed “GUN FREE ZONE” in which only the authorities are allowed guns. I recall a similar set up back a few decades ago on Cambodia. Things went swimmingly for the authorities there, but for the citizens… not so well; the body count in the millions. But hey, what’s not to like about cops just doing their jobs, and citizens just being good (and quite DEAD) citizens?
    “Oh, you silly man… that could NEVER happen HERE, he he.”

    Yeah, right.

  7. IRS security guard gets froggy over an armed deputy – so he call the city cops who ALSO ENTER THE FREAKING BUILDING UNDER ARMS. Did I get that right?? Why didn’t the security guard point his gun at the city cops, too?? Jeez……

    • Wow! The first Common Sense observation to call Bullsheet out! Think about it –1. armed law enforcement gets gun pulled on him and every arm chair quarterback is saying that each side is wrong in a Federal Building but armed police show up in the same building and they get a pass! The logic here is astounding. Maybe we all should wait to pass judgement until the real experts weigh in on what is proper protocol? I would say that if the armed security guard is now being charged with “unlawful menacing” there is your freaking answer for all of the armchair quarterbacks.

  8. Wow, some power mad idiot rent-a-cop draws down on a uniformed peace officer. Whoever hired that clown needs to pay the piper.

  9. The security guard handled it wrong, but I wouldn’t be too hard on him. Terrorists have dressed up as police to gain entrance into facilities. Also, this cop didn’t think the law applied to him, something commonly encountered.

    • You’re incorrect

      After being informed that it was a no gun zone, the officer said he was not allowed to disarm while on duty and attempted to exit the building, the security guard tried to prevent him from leaving.

      He did not think he was above the law.

    • You’re incorrect

      The cop, after being informed it was a no gun zone, informed the security guard that he could not disarm while on duty, and attempted to leave the building. The security guard attempted to prevent him from leaving the building.

      The officer in question did the correct thing.

    • Because he is hired by the IRS as an armed guard. I know because I work in this building on the same floor as the IRS and know this security guard. News flash, the sheriff is in the wrong. He was there to conduct personal business at the IRS and should follow the same laws as any other regular citizen. He was NOT hired as a Sheriff and this is a federal government building.

      • Have you ever heard of being facetious. It doesn’t matter if it’s personal business. A uniformed officer is NOT off-duty and wouldn’t disarm. At that moment he is not an ordinary citizen. It’s a lack of respect for an officer of the law by pulling his weapon. It was an unnecessary escalation by the guard.

        • Why is he conducting PERSONAL BUSINESS, while ON DUTY? Does that mean the taxpayers are paying him to conduct his PERSONAL BUSINESS? Well, we don’t get the answers to those questions. But someone made a very excellent point. Why should the security guard assume that he was actually a deputy? Nobody is allowed to question their identity when they are doing something wrong, only the peons must cough up identification which of course is used to run for wants and warrants.

          • Geez!! You ever heard of lunch breaks etc. If he questioned whether or not he was an officer he could have asked, rather than pulling out his gun. He didn’t have the authority to tell the officer to hand over his gun. THIS ISN’T DODGE CITY, for crying out loud.

            • Going to the IRS to ask questions is not taking a lunch break. I’d assume at this point it becomes an EXTENDED LUNCH break on the taxpayers dime. Moreover, he should have not entered once he saw gun free zone as he WAS NOT THERE IN THE PERFORMANCE OF HIS OFFICIAL DUTIES!!!!

              You have given revenge based individuals the perfect cover to visit IRS offices. Just secure a uniform and walk right in. Maybe that’s what you want?

              • Responses are getting More ridiculous. Many times I’ve ran errands during my lunch time. Many jobs have paid lunch breaks. Furthermore he IS on “official duty” so long as he’s “on the clock”. By “Your” logic if he’s on an unpaid lunch break he wouldn’t be able to “do his job”. Your “revenge based individuals” is as baseless as the ‘unpaid lunch’.

                The question then is; Did you even watch the video.

                • HE IS NOT ON THE CLOCK WHEN HE IS ON LUNCH BREAK!!! He has absolutely NO BUSINESS RUNNING PERSONAL ERRANDS WHILE HE IS IN UNIFORM!!!! Because that suggests he is on duty. That is FRAUD AND A LIE!!!!!!

                  YOU SON OF A B*TCH. COPS ARE NOT ON DUTY 24/7/365. You’re a liar!!!!

                  • I KNEW it would come out. Just a cop-hating bigot. They shouldn’t be allowed to eat while on duty either. People with THIS kind of attitude USUALLY have criminal records. I KNEW I’d get you to show your TRUE colors. Thanks for playing.

                  • By the way, He IS on the CLOCK when at lunch. Your ignorance is ASTOUNDING, and your arguments are far from fastidious.

                    • Lying again to make your point. NOBODY gets paid for their lunch break. NOBODY, except maybe firemen. My “ignorance” versus your lies. I see I’m going to lose everytime someone decides to lie. Good for you immoral prick.

      • I once had to appear as a witness in Federal Court. I was required to turn my gun in to the security guard first before proceeding further into the building. Because the situation was ridiculous I asked the security guard who they would call to handle a shooter in the building? He thought about it and replied, “that would be you guys.” I still wonder who the moron was that created such a rule?

  10. Whole lotta copsucking going on here. Cop was wrong and should have FOLLOWED THE LAW in the federal building. Deputy Gaston only de-escalated when he though his life was threatened. Cops think their badge grants them special rights.

    Does the security guard know he is an actual deputy and was he able to run his license before letting him in? You know, like cops demand to do to Us. Was the deputy on official business or intruding? Why did the deputy resist arrest and not just wait for it to get all sorted.

    Cops do not like to be told no and this deputy was no different. At least no one died for this deputy get paid leave.

      • Says who? I see a who!e lot of rollicking here…
        Pigs don’t deserve special treatment, isn’t taxpayer funds red welfare and the pig bill of rights enough?

          • And I’ll bet you are related to someone in law enforcement therefore hold a strong bias and support towards any corruption inside the blue line. We’re a police state. There are a zillion difference “law enforcement” agencies so its almost impossible to find someone who isn’t related to someone in LE.

    • I challenge you to try and post a more idiotic comment that that thoroughly, absolute, stupidity. Seriously, anyone as stupid as you should be euthanized for the sake of humanity.

  11. Question about the security guard: was he the one that extorted lunch money on the playground? Or, was he the one it was extorted from?

    I am far from a badge-licker, but, aside from 2nd Amendment issues, the sheriff was in middle of a shift and went in to ask a question. He’s obviously a LEO, so, the “security” “guard” should have exercised some common sense.

    The Deputy was in the right. The fact that the peasantry, or as law enforcement calls us, “civilians”, are not allowed to carry in a federal building is another discussion; one that needs having. For now, that privilege is restricted to thick-headed “security” “guards” and bad guys.

    That guard is nothing but a variation on the theme of the “security” “guard” confronting Brendan Kavanagh about playing a public piano in a public shopping mall. It’s on YouTube, where you can witness unformed stupidity at its finest.

  12. 18 U.S. Code § 930.Possession of firearms and dangerous weapons in Federal facilities
    (a) Except as provided in subsection (d), whoever knowingly possesses or causes to be present a firearmor other dangerous weapon in a Federal facility (other than a Federal court facility), or attempts to do so, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than 1 year, or both…
    (d)Subsection (a) shall not apply to—
    the lawful performance of official duties by an officer, agent, or employee of the United States, a State, or a political subdivision thereof, who is authorized by law to engage in or supervise the prevention, detection, investigation, or prosecution of any violation of law;
    the possession of a firearm or other dangerous weapon by a Federal official or a member of the Armed Forces if such possession is authorized by law; or
    the lawful carrying of firearms or other dangerous weapons in a Federal facility incident to hunting or other lawful purposes.

    • There I guess that settles it. Not so sure the deputy will get out of this Not knowing the law is no excuse. Even if there are ten thousand plus laws and you can read your a cop Lead by example. Still want to see the letter you got from the IRS all my correspondence with the IRS has a telephone number. Maybe it was one of those scam letters that he was taking there for the IRS to look at? Because they look so real! Maybe I should take my gun over to the police station and ask them to see if it’s real? Oh wait I wonder if the sign on the door is referring to me. Maybe no because they all have gun and bullet proof vests! Ill do it on my lunch hour! Like the resy of us you get your day in court

      • Are you really this ignorante?
        He was on duty and that’s not a federal building retard.
        As a county sheriff on duty he didnt have to put his weapon nowhere but maybe up the arse of him and u

        • He’s not on duty when he’s performing personal business. According to your convoluted logic, the moment he puts his uniform on in the morning, he’s “on duty”. That’s a lie and you’re a liar. Congratulations, you’re qualified for politics.

        • Can a police officer carry a gun in a federal building?

          Qualified officers may not carry concealed weapons onto aircraft under the act. They also cannot carry firearms into federal buildings or onto federal property. … Of course, this federal statute will not change the fact that it is unlawful to carry a firearm into federal buildings, even in a national park.Jan 1, 2011
          Off-Duty Officers and Firearms – FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin


          Which begs the question. Why is it so important for you to lie when you’re simply uninformed? I figure the odds of you apologizing are zero because lying is of the UTMOST importance to you.

    • Einstein its not a federal building, AND it stil doesnt negate that fact that he is a deputysheriff with every right to be there and his gun too. Dipshit

      • If the IRS leases an office building, then it’s considered federal property. Yeah, Einstein, that’s why they get to impose their own rules and regs on visitors and the owner of the building signs off on it or doesn’t get the lease. Oh you’re so brilliant. You sure showed me. Now make an @ss of yourself, somewhere else.

  13. To Guy Daley’s latest.

    Are you REALLY THAT IGNORANT. I’ve had MANY jobs with a paid lunchtime, And, used that time for errands. Your bigotry is on full display and, in typical fashion, resort to profane insults in an act of desperation.

  14. Amazingly the video was clipped, the sheriff is standing close to the guard & then appears by and exiting the door. I watched the non-clipped video. The sheriff in fact put his hand on his pistol. This is body langauge… when an officer feels threatened or a armed guard, they position themselves into ‘ready position’ …also, averred fact by the female officer who questioned the armed guard. The legal system will make an example out of the guard who overreacted because he was enforcing federal weapons law & the Sheriff was on personal business not official business, the video displayed felt the Sheriff, who placed his hand on his service pistol. The guard will need an excellent lawyer to question the Sheriff in court.

    • No he doesn’t need an excellent lawyer. I posted separately on a different comment that “qualified” law enforcement officers are NOT allowed (that means agaisnt the law) to enter federal premises ARMED. This can be easily verified on the internet through a search engine search. Hell no need. I’ll already posted the thread IN THIS COMMENT SECTION.

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