Deranged Cheney Twists Emails Into “Insurrection”-Meadows Held in Contempt


Deranged, traitorous Liz Cheney is trying to use texts that amount to a no-never mind as proof that J6 was an “insurrection.” The J6 inquisition merely wants to destroy Donald Trump at the expense of ethics and honesty. They are trying to criminalize advice DJT to jump to in response.

The texts actually prove the opposite of insurrection. It’s clear that no one had a clue this would happen.

Cheney leaked these private emails. They are protected under “executive privilege.”

Bill O’Reilly made it clear on his Internet show last night that Donald Trump will run in 2024 barring unforeseen circumstances. Democrats and the media obviously believe it is the case since they are ramping up their vicious, mindless attacks.

The J6 Politburo is expressly designed to demonize Donald Trump and everyone who supports him.

The committee dug up texts from former White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, along with the former president’s son and several Fox News hosts, calling on the then-president Trump to issue a statement condemning the spontaneous riot unfolding at the Capital. DJT did condemn it, but Cheney was angry it took him 187 minutes. She is spinning a delay into obstruction of justice.

It was a very confusing, chaotic mess. DJT hardly knew what was going on.

Cheney leaked the private texts, suggesting DJT committed a crime based on them.

She ignores the fact that DJT tried to get 10,000 National Guard stationed at the Capitol beginning on J5.


Liz Cheney, Kinzinger, and the rest of the witch hunters on the Beria committee are holding Trump’s former Chief of Staff Mark Meadows in contempt for refusing to give the committee “privileged information” between himself and the former president.

As with the rule of law, presidential privilege means nothing to Trump haters.

Meadows was cooperating and provided them with thousands of documents. That wasn’t good enough for the J6 inquisition.

Meadows informed them he would no longer appear before the committee since they overreached. He is invoking executive privilege as is his right.

Cheney is hate-filled and the nation means nothing to her as long as she destroys Donald Trump. We can all become socialists in her mind.

She seems to have forgotten what the Left did at the Capitol during the Kavanaugh hearings.

Chris Christie, the media, and Democrat trolls on Twitter and FB are indicting and convicting Donald Trump. The entire purpose has always been to destroy him and his followers.

Marjorie Taylor Greene addressed the resolution brilliantly. The “communists in charge” are trying to make law:

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