Desperate Newsom finally notices homeless live on streets shooting up


A desperate Governor Gavin Newsom who is facing recall with slightly upside-down poll numbers is making a last-ditch effort to win a few points in his favor.

He now says, years after that fact, that it’s ‘not acceptable’ for the homeless to camp on streets, and expresses support for removing large encampments.

Naturally, he wants federal tax dollars to do it, rather than spend the money he’s wasting on welfare for foreigners who don’t belong here.

The LA Times, a far-left outlet pushing for him to win, writes:

Newsom took on the state’s most vexing and politically potent issue when he became governor, pouring billions into building more shelters and housing. The latest state budget commits $12 billion over the next two years to not just more motel purchases and funding for mental health care facilities but also encampment cleanups and hazardous waste removal.

He wasted the money by not hitting at the core problems, and the homeless are wrecking the motels. They are mostly mentally ill drug addicts. Some are criminals and/or illegal aliens.

Money that should go to poor blacks is going to illegal aliens.

But the governor, in an interview Thursday with The Times as he watched state workers clear a homeless encampment here, made clear that tents along freeways and in public parks are not OK and that California needs to develop humane processes for moving people and clearing camps while also creating more housing options.

It’s nice that he finally noticed enough to seem to maybe, perhaps, possibly do something. The $12 billion won’t be enough apparently and he wants the US taxpayer to fund it after his terrible policies caused it or at least worsened it.

He’s good at distracting from the damaging lockdowns he forced on the people. He’s very authoritarian while having separate rules for himself and his allies.

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