Despite Efforts to Manufacture It, No Evidence in Manhattan DA Probe of DJT


The top two prosecutors in the Manhattan District Attorney’s probe into Donald Trump recently resigned over a lack of evidence. As more information comes to light, the case appears to be completely stalled. This is from the far-left The Daily Beast:

But inside the DA’s office, the inertia and frustration over Trump potentially avoiding culpability look worse than ever before.

Yet another prosecutor appears to have been pulled back from the case, according to knowledgeable sources who say it could be further proof of the probe’s failure. And sources now seem to think Trump dodging an indictment is inevitable.

He’s dodging it because there is no case.

The New York Times, which first reported the action, said it came after Alvin Bragg suggested to the attorneys that he had doubts about moving forward.

Prosecutors had been questioning witnesses before the grand jury until about February, essentially stopping the investigation, according to the Times.

The Times reported:

Without Mr. Bragg’s commitment to move forward, the prosecutors late last month postponed a plan to question at least one witness before the grand jury, one of the people said. They have not questioned any witnesses in front of the grand jury for more than a month, essentially pausing their investigation into whether Mr. Trump inflated the value of his assets to obtain favorable loan terms from banks.

The precise reasons for Mr. Bragg’s pullback are unknown, and he has made few public statements about the status of the inquiry since taking office, but the prosecutors had encountered a number of challenges in pursuing Mr. Trump.

Notably, they had thus far been unable to persuade any Trump Organization executives to cooperate and turn on Mr. Trump.

Personal hatred towards Trump welled up after the resignations were announced and some on the staff and elsewhere demanded the probe continue. It’s gone nowhere BECAUSE THEY HAVE NO EVIDENCE despite their best efforts to manufacture some.

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