Despite PC Concerns, CDC Suggests Gay Men Abstain


According to The Washington Post, on August 4th, the CDC was reluctant to issue any recommendations to tell gay men to abstain from sex, especially with multiple unknown partners.

A major study has found that the 2022 monkeypox outbreak has primarily spread via the sexual activity of gay and bisexual men. According to the CDC and World Health Organization, the virus can spread through contaminated bedding, clothing, and towels.

San Diego, California, USA – July 13, 2013: Two men in leathers holding a fetish sign perform and march in the San Diego Gay Pride parade.

After the United States’ fifth pediatric monkeypox case was reported in Long Beach on Thursday, a Californian health department has also said transmission can occur via household items such as cups and utensils. Maybe that’s true. The California health department lies a lot.

Health officials and HIV experts say calls for abstinence won’t work and didn’t want to recommend it.

In the least, they had to suggest gay men consider staying away from kink festivals and fetish events for a while. After all, they locked down the entire country to varying degrees for two years.

According to the Post, “Thousands of gay men clad in leather, latex — and often much less — partied along Folsom Street here last weekend during the annual kink and fetish festival. Even after the city had just declared the monkeypox outbreak striking its gay community a health emergency — one day after the World Health Organization urged men to sleep with fewer men to reduce transmission — San Francisco public health officials made no attempt to rein in festivities or warn attendees to have less sex.”

As of August 5th, the guidelines follow.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) on Friday updated its monkeypox advice to suggest people most at risk, namely men who have sex with men, “take a temporary break” from those behaviors to help “contain … the outbreak.”

They said it despite political ramifications — abstain.

The updates suggest that people “take a temporary break” from sexual activity until considered vaccinated.

They should limit their number of sexual partners and avoid “spaces” for anonymous sex with multiple partners. They also suggest using condoms and wearing gloves during particular sexual activities.

They should wash their hands, fetish gear, sex toys, and fabrics after sex.

Avoid gatherings, kissing, or exchanging spit. They should masturbate at a distance without touching. They can have virtual sex with no in-person contact.

That sounds tricky. maybe it’s easier to abstain.

Sex with clothes on during sex is good too.

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