Biden to Expand COVID Health Emergency to the Midterms


Joe Biden plans to extend the January 2020 public health emergency until the November midterms, possibly into early 2023. Even though COVID is no longer a pandemic, and the cases are going down, another extension is declared.

Politico quoted a senior Biden official who said, “Covid is not over. The pandemic is not over. It doesn’t make sense to lift this [declaration] given what we’re seeing on the ground in terms of cases.”

Some health officials are afraid “ending the public health emergency would dampen any remaining sense of urgency in Congress to allocate additional money toward the Covid response.”

Biden has requested billions more dollars for vaccines, tests, and treatments, most of which do not work. He has to extend the emergency to meet this.

The declaration allows the US to grant emergency authorizations of drugs, vaccines, and other medical countermeasures.

The Biden administration has increasingly pointed to the availability of Covid vaccines and treatments as evidence that Americans vaccinated and boosted can live with the virus with relative safety. But even with that new posture, many administration health officials remain wary of the message that ending the public health emergency declaration would send at a time when caseloads are topping 100,000 a day, Politico says.

“Relative safety?” Like quadruple-vaccines, double masks and Paxlovid protected Dr. Fauci and Joe Biden?

“It will end whenever the emergency ends,” one senior administration official said, summing up the internal attitude toward the declaration.

The emergency designation has provided authorities that allowed the administration to expand access to Medicaid, greenlight vaccines more quickly, and offer tests and therapeutics for free. Were the emergency to be ended, those flexibilities would need to be unwound — a complex process that hospitals and public health groups have warned could be disruptive to their ability to treat Covid patients.

They’d lose control as well.

They are making a lot of money without any responsibility for side effects.

Now we have two public health emergencies. How does this affect the balloting in November? How does it affect masks and other mandates from the CDC?


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2 days ago

What a surprise! More mail in ballots, unsecured drop boxes, Dominion voting machines, ballot harvesting, this is the only way the left can steal another election. 2020 was only test run for them.

2 days ago

The Biden regime is far worse than any virus and pox put together. It needs to be destroyed.

2 days ago

Covid-19 never was an Emergency! It was just a bad virus turned into Hoax by Democrats and Communist.

Tim Kuehl
Tim Kuehl
2 days ago

Hey, Puppet Joe, we’re tired of the COVID lie and are not going to comply with your unconstitutional restrictions on us ever again. None of them including the poison you illegally demand to be injected into our bodies stopped nor even slowed COVID and in fact studies show the non vaccine increases the risk of getting it. So “bug off” as the Brits say, you are not the king nor our ruler, you’re just a self serving crook!

Francis W. Porretto
2 days ago

This is the unmistakable indication that the Democrats are planning to steal the midterm elections. If they get away with it, the nation we grew up in and loved is dead.

1 day ago

I fear there will be a lot of dead Politicians before America dies.