Detroit’s absentee ballot counts were off by 72%


There’s no evidence there’s any corruption in mail-in voting! That’s what Democrats want people to believe, but the evidence to the contrary does keep piling up. In Detroit, for example, the ballot counts in 72% of the absentee ballot counts were off.

Recorded ballot counts in 72% of Detroit’s absentee voting precincts didn’t match the number of ballots cast.

Michigan’s largest county is now asking the state to investigate ahead of a pivotal presidential election.

Without an explanation from Detroit election workers for the mismatches, the Wayne County Board of Canvassers requested this week for Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson’s office to examine the “training and processes” used in Detroit’s Aug. 4 primary, which one official described as a “perfect storm” of challenges. The board is charged with certifying election results.

In 46% of all Detroit’s precincts — absentee and Election Day — vote counts were out of balance, according to information presented Tuesday to the Wayne County Board of Canvassers. Specifically, the number of ballots tracked in precinct poll books did not match the number of ballots counted.

But that can’t be because there is no evidence there would ever be a problem with any mail-in voting. Democrats have told us so.

Michigan will send mail-in ballots to all voters ins the state for the November 3rd election. What could go wrong?

Michigan has a sketchy governor, Commandant Whitmer. That’s one problem.



  1. The Main sewer Stream fake Media ARE the “enemy of the people”…their pushing the plan-demic, dishonesty in reporting on mail in fraud and “peaceful” rioters are but a tip of the iceberg…

  2. This election will be utter chaos and a historical fiasco. All created by these sorry ass poor losers, the Marxist democrats. They cannot stand having authority over the American people, similar to these tyrants in the democratic controlled cities and states. So WTF up America this is the most important election in our history. These radicals want to over throw our way of life.

  3. If it’s safe enough to go shopping in person and generally go about your daily activities in person then it’s safe enough to vote in person and attend church services. If it’s safe enough to riot in person, go to George Floyd’s funeral in person, attend John Lewis’ funeral in person then it’s safe to vote in person.

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