Yet another report of Kim Jong-un in a coma


Kim Jong Un is reportedly in a coma and his sister Kim Yo Jong has taken control, according to some reports.

North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un has fallen into a coma, a former South Korean official is claiming.

Chang Song-min, a former aide to late-South Korean president Kim Dae-jung, has alleged that the Hermit Kindom’s ruler has become seriously ill amid speculation about his limited public appearances this year, the Mirror reported. “I assess him to be in a coma, but his life has not ended,” he said.

CNN has a different report. Their report says that his sister has taken over partial control of the kingdom just to ease his workload.

Kim pulls this coma bit to weed out disloyal people. He’s most assuredly fine.

It was just last week that Kim ordered all pet dogs to be confiscated in the capital claiming they are signs of Western decadence. Reports say that is just an excuse. There is a food shortage and the dogs are going to restaurants to feed the people.

What a guy.

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