Devon Archer Gave Bombshell Testimony Today! Impeach!


Devon Archer gave damning testimony in Congress, and the media is trying to massage it. Archer said Joe, the Big Guy, was on more than 20 business calls with him and Hunter. The media claims he was just saying hello. The Russian billionaire’s wife also came up.

Hunter’s former best friend and business partner Devon Archer testified behind closed doors today and told the House Committee that Burisma paid them to get the Ukrainian prosecutor fired. They did it.

In case you’ve forgotten, Joe bragged about it publicly. Watch the clip.

Devon Archer also testified that Joe Biden met with the Moscow mayor’s billionaire wife, Elena Baturina, in the spring of 2014. That was before she wired $3.5 million to Hunter Biden. Baturina is the same Russian oligarch the Biden regime refused to sanction.

Levi heir and congressional hack Ron Goldman is trying to control the narrative.

Hunter thought it was justice to arrest Devon Archer while he evades the scales of justice.

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