DHS Calls Police on Fox for Filming Illegal Aliens Flying into NYC


Fox News watched a planeload of illegal aliens coming into New York City illegally. The Department of Homeland Security responded, calling the police on Fox, not the illegal aliens.

It seems thousands of illegal aliens are flown into the City every day and night. This is allegedly going on throughout the country.

New York’s worthless Governor Kathy Hochul is providing them with all manner of benefits. Many of these people are taken into Long Island and Upstate where all the conservatives live so the Democrats can water down our votes.

This is a big third digit from hard-left Joe Biden.

These foreigners coming illegally – many of whom are bad people – will be loyal Democrat voters for generations.

Democrats don’t care about our safety and they will soon control the nation as a one-party system.

The party of illegal immigration is comprised of heartless authoritarians. It’s not the caring party it once was. They want money and power without any resistance to their policies.

Fox News filmed (below) to report about this situation. Then the police showed up accusing them of harassment. The Department of Homeland Security called the police on Fox News. These illegal aliens – who we’re supposed to call migrants — are all unvetted. Many are criminals or worse.

The aliens invading our nation are also taking our jobs, education, healthcare, and welfare. Democrats are destroying the future for your children, and their children, no matter what race any of you are.

This is a very serious national security threat in a troubled world with millions of people who hate us. Thank the Bidenista Democrats. They are destroying the United States for power. Soon, they will control all of us.


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