DHS Couldn’t Take Info on an Admitted Terrorist Now in the US


This next story is pathetic and extremely dangerous. The Biden administration is allowing millions of anonymous foreigners in without any vetting. Ben Bergquam has a video of one, but no one in authority will take the information.

After about an hour on the phone, Mr. Bergquam finally got a person on the tip line at Homeland Security. Yet, the person taking the information didn’t want the 20-second tape of the illegal alien admitting he was a terrorist who gave Border Patrol a false name. The person taking the call wanted a name, date of birth, and address. Without that, the person said he couldn’t take the report.

When Mr. Bergquam asked for someone higher up, the person said there wasn’t anyone. This is your progressive government, but at least they’re imprisoning J6 paraders – that’s what is important.

Armies are coming, and millions are here.

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Michigan J Frogg
Michigan J Frogg
1 month ago

This isn’t going to end well…for anyone.