Donald Trump Is Poised to Win 14% to 30% of the Black Vote


In December, Bloomberg reported that national surveys show that Black voters say they would back the former president, ranging from 14% to more than 30%. Biden’s unpopularity is creating an inflection point for the former president.

But first, Bloomberg had to dishonestly depict him as racist, writing, “Despite a long history of racially divisive comments and repeated contacts with White nationalists, Trump now enjoys the some of the highest ratings among Black voters of any candidate from his party, according to some national and swing state polls. That’s because discontent with Joe Biden, especially on economic issues, has eroded the president’s support in a group that is likely to be key to his bid to win reelection in November.”

That’s because they think for themselves.

Trump has always befriended black people and donated generously to Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and others. The Opportunity Zones he supported with Tim Scott has been very successful.

Solomons, Maryland, USA Aug 5, 2021 A car in a parking lot has a “Trump 2024” sign in its back window.

Newsweek echoed the Bloomberg article, noting, “Indeed, his [Biden’s] favorability among Black voters in seven swing states slipped seven percentage points from October to December 2023, to 61 percent, according to a Bloomberg News/Morning Consult poll. Trump’s favorability in the same period has remained steady at around 25 percent.”

They said that middle-aged and older black women see Trump as the lesser of two evils. Leftists are also afraid some will stay home.

Trump plans to go all out and campaign for their votes.

Donald Trump in Waco

NBC News and WaPo also noticed the trend, beginning in September. Trump has polled better than any Republican since Nixon won 32% of the black vote.

This is likely what has Barack Obama so concerned and why he recently met with Biden to discuss his campaign. Barack said they need all hands on deck. Progressives will never give up power. They’re happy with the decline in American wealth and the replacement Democrats pouring in illegally. They’ll do anything to win. The “anything” remains to be seen.

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1 month ago

Trump wins 14 to 30% of the black vote? I guess that means the rest are parasites looking for free handouts.

The Prisoner
The Prisoner
1 month ago

Voting centers in Atlanta, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Milwaukee, Detroit, … have a much different idea of the vote count they want. Observers will not be allowed and windows will be covered.