DHS Is Preparing for 540K Illegal Immigrants a Month


On CNN’s “The State of Our Union”, Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas told Dana Bash that since Sept 2021, DHS has been preparing to start handling and processing 18,000 illegal aliens per day – 540,000 a month – as soon as CDC Title 42 is lifted.

We’re talking 3 million people by the November election. Roughly ten million anonymous people have poured into the country under Joe Biden. We could have 30 million by 2024. That’s the population of Texas. They are stealing our votes – diluting them with foreigners.

It won’t take long for Democrats to insist that they be given asylum. Actually, Mayorkas called for it today.

Anyone who has noticed how close the elections have become in red states knows that they probably have the numbers for a permanent electoral majority.

You’ve seen how they rule. They have no regard for Americans’ rights or freedom.

In this clip, Mayorkas claims they are prepared for the onslaught [but Border Patrol has said they won’t be able to handle it].


Look at the population of the states to see what this influx means. Massive immigration without assimilation does not work.

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Shemp Hawking
Shemp Hawking
9 months ago

They are un direct violation of U.S. Statutes. These rotten to the core bastards are breaking the law – in your face.

The Prisoner
The Prisoner
9 months ago

The DHS crook shows in his arrogance, defiance, confidence, and smirk, that he is overjoyed at being given the power to destroy the USA. Courts and law enforcement do nothing. The so-called opposition party barely mentions it, and is not highlighting it as a campaign issue. The election coup is the cause, the effects of the coup are unfolding. Americans are chumps.

9 months ago

The Dept of Homeland Security should be shut down.

They are doing nothing about protecting our homeland nor securing it.

if anything they’re facilitating a foreign invasion of it.

9 months ago

The enemy within could care less about the Republic…they WILL destroy…and the fraud in chief that they ‘put in’ is doing his job amazingly efficient…still believe he is ‘senile’???