Samantha Power Looks at the Bright Side of Fertilizer Shortages That Hurt Farmers and Escalate Food Prices


Samantha Power is openly boasting that the crisis of fertilizer shortages isn’t a bad thing since it will hasten transitions to natural solutions like manure and compost.

It will also make food far more expensive, but she didn’t mention that.

Gas shortages, supply chain problems, the Ukraine war have caused high-nitrogen fertilizer shortages. In comes Samantha Power, now a USAID administrator, calling for funding for farmers facing shortages. She talked about it as a positive since it will force farmers to go to natural solutions.

“And this may hasten transitions that would’ve been in the interest of farmers to make eventually any anyway,” she pontificated. “So, never let a crisis go to waste. But we really do need this financial support from the Congress to be able to meet emergency food needs. So we don’t see the cascading deadly effects of Russia’s war…”

The shortages will send prices soaring, and the government will have to subsidize farmers, who will abandon efficient farming, and she’s happy about it.

Ironically, high-nitrogen fertilizers not only provide production benefits, but they also can help soil maintain carbon, which helps it retain water, which ultimately reduces runoff and improves downstream water quality, according to the USDA.



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mostly grey
mostly grey
6 months ago

Remember back when you were in grade school, then in high school, when you secretly laughed at the kid that was too dumb to tie their shoes, and you made fun of them because you knew they would amount to nothing. Remember that? Guess what, they all work for the gommermint now. Have doubts? Just listen to the hogwash coming out of the mouths of any feral, state, county, or local gommermint employee. Absolute disconnect with any form or life in the real world. Not one friggin clue.

Tim Kuehl
Tim Kuehl
6 months ago

This fool thinks is great to use manure as fertilizer. Guess what, dummy, farmers have been using manure for years but it isn’t enough. And now thanks to various reasons livestock production is down and tree huggers and elitists like Bill Gates want to do away with livestock altogether and feed us phony meat. So a question, Samantha, where is the manure going to come from? Human waste is not suitable under current health rules. Oh, wait, you idiots are in charge so can just change those rules. Or maybe we can add manure to the list of things we import from China because they’re not so stupid as to eliminate their livestock.

6 months ago

There should be no shortage of manure.It flows out of washington these days.